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Yet Another 15 Screw-Ups of AT4W

Episode 630 Yet Another 15 Screw-Ups of AT4W Title Card.png

December 30th, 2020
Running time
Part 1: 15:33
Part 2: 30:47
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Yet another 15 mistakes!

(Without saying anything, Linkara sits on his futon with a knowing look on his face. After a while, he does a finger snap with his left hand, before cutting to the Linkara from last year's countdown with "A Long December" by Counting Crows playing in the background.)

Linkara: (audio from video) And of course I want to wish you all a happy new year, and hope that 2020 is indeed a better one than 2019.

(Cut back to present-day Linkara, who can only sigh heavily at that comment. Cut to a clip of Dragon Ball Z: Abridged.)

Vegeta: Well, that didn't last real *BLEEP*ing long.

















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