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The epic cast of Suburban Knights!

Year Three refers to Channel Awesome's three year anniversary special event. Like Year One and Year Two, there is an epic video followed by a series of collaborations. All of which the contributors celebrate the website's fantastic third year!


On June 6th, 2011, a trailer for the third year event was released. The trailer gave a title to the event, Suburban Knights, and showed various members walking along a field in various costumes from different movies and games. The trailer hinted that the team would be going on a quest of some kind, but no specific details were given.

On June 21st, 2011, a second full trailer was released. This trailer gave us pieces of the plot. Suburban Knights will involve the Critic and the gang searching for a mystical, powerful gauntlet. They have to play a game which involves dressing up and acting as fictional characters to figure out riddles leading to the location of the gauntlet. During their quest, they will run into evil-doers looking to take the gauntlet for themselves. These people possess magic powers and turn the tables on our heroes, effectively changing what was a game into a battle of life and death. At the end, it's revealed that this will be a 7-part special, starting on June 27th and ending July 3rd.


Suburban Knights: Part 1

As a mysterious man makes his way to Chicago, the Critic gathers up his friends/co-workers for another epic adventure. Using a map from a recluse named Jaffers, he intends to find Malachite's Hand, a gauntlet with untold power. To do this, they have to play a D&D-like game and must be dressed as "fantasy quest" characters. The group splits into two teams and head off as three shadowy figures are shown nearby.

Suburban Knights: Part 2

The Critic's group is making headway on the quest, finding a forest mentioned in the first riddle. While on their quest, tensions rise among the group. They encounter a being named Cat, who puts up a fight with them before he is defeated. Meanwhile, Spoony's group is wandering down a different road when they encounter the three beings from the end of the first part. While at first the group resists the beings, they realize the beings are too strong for them and they make a hasty retreat. As the beings pursue them, the mysterious man is seen watching from a distance.

Suburban Knights: Part 3

The group following the NC decide to take a rest by a meticulously placed chair. After Ma-Ti shows up for a second time, they distract him and head on their way. The Nostalgia Critic accidentally reveals that the map he has is a chain letter, which infuriates the group. Meanwhile, the Cloaks pursue Spoony's group to a nearby child's play ground. After a comedic battle, the group gives the Cloaks the slip and head back on their bath, oblivious to the fact that they have dropped their map.

Suburban Knights: Part 4

The Nostalgia Critic's group comes across another guardian of the gauntlet named Warrior Witch, who, after a minor fight, disappears in a flash. Spoony's group decipher's their next clue, though they discover that they have lost the map. After the mysterious man gives them their map back, they encounter the Cloaks again. As they run off, Film Brain is left behind and is hypnotized into becoming a Cloak.

Suburban Knights: Part 5

The Critic's group follow the map into a suburban home. Once again, Ma-Ti shows up, realizing that he's being sent on foolish errands. He leaves in dejection as the Critic brushes him off, and they go further into the house to find a book full of magic. They end up releasing Jaffers, who had been trapped in the book by Malachite himself for 30 years. It's revealed that Malachite is the same mysterious man in black that has been shown throughout the special. Realizing the group is not worthy of the gauntlet, Jaffers chases them out by shooting at them and leaves. Malachite later returns in search of him and kills the house owner. He then seems to feel pain and reveals to have seemingly soulless black eyes. Meanwhile, the Cloaks ditch Film Brain as he is useless to them, and Spoony's group reunite with him, making him remember that he's a reviewer. They head off to their final stop. The Critic, after a mini meltdown, realizes Malachite sent the chain letter and is after the map, which group two has. As they're about to head off, they are interrupted by one of Jaffer's obstacles...who turns out to be That Dude in the Suede. He starts telling them about Malachite as they head off.

Suburban Knights: Part 6

Spoony's group arrive at their final stop and find the Voice of the Ancient World. He explains that Malachite has been alive for a long time and fought against his friend, Aeon, when he learned that Aeon's ways of science for future progression were accepted by the king instead of magic. Aeon defeated him and hid Malachite's Hand, while Malachite, having used a youth spell on himself, grew angry as technology made magic a thing of the past. It's also revealed that the more he uses magic, the more his life drains. Both groups quickly deduce that the gauntlet is hidden in the field where their adventure started. The Critic's group retrieves it but are attacked by Jaffers and his guardians. Spoony's group eventually show up and help, and together they defeat them. However, just before they can celebrate, Malachite shows up for the final confrontation.

Suburban Knights: Part 7

Malachite approaches the Critic and co. while easily taking out Jaffers and his friends. They futilely attack him, only to be defeated nearly one by one. During the "battle," Malachite is seen answering an iPhone, provoking an angry response from the Critic. Just when all seems lost, Ma-Ti shows up to rant and actually ends up hurting Malachite with his ring. The Critic, realizing the ring is the same that Aeon created, rallies the others to cheer Ma-Ti on as he and Malachite duel. After a tense showdown, they cause an explosion with their attacks, leaving Malachite, the gauntlet and Ma-Ti's ring presumably vaporized. Ma-Ti is fatally wounded and passes on, and the gang hold a funeral for him. As everyone returns to their normal, reviewing ways and Linkara finally gets a proper song in, the Critic wonders if Ma-Ti will ever return. After Linkara accidentally mentions the Necronomicon, the Critic considers going on another adventure. Linkara believes no one will want to join him as they are all tired of adventuring, and, at the end, Chester is seemingly about to be duped into helping him with the same promise of a car.


The Cast Dressed as
ThatGuyWithTheGlasses as The Nostalgia Critic Link (The Legend of Zelda)
Benzaie Conan the Barbarian
Lindsay Ellis as The Nostalgia Chick Arwen (The Lord of the Rings)
Obscurus Lupa Snow White
8 Bit Mickey Peter Pan
Phelous Rockbiter (The Neverending Story)
Bennett The Sage Aslan (Narnia)
Handsome Tom Willow
Linkara King Arthur (Camelot)
AngryJoe Inigo Montoya (The Princess Bride)
Brad Jones as The Cinema Snob Indiana Jones
Paw Profion (Dungeons and Dragons)
MarzGurl San (Princess Mononoke)
Film Brain Harry Potter
Luke Mochrie Harry Potter
Spoony Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings)
ToddInTheShadows Dread Pirate Roberts (The Princess Bride)
JewWario Jareth (Labyrinth)
Suede An obstacle
Orlando Belisle Jr. Malachite
The Other Guy Chuck Jaffers
Bhargav Dronamraju Ma-Ti
The Last Angry Geek
Iron Liz
Jim Jarosz


Episode Number Name Description Date Released
1 Channel Awesome Does Benzaie While filming the TGWTG third year anniversary, Benzaie had a few things to say about America. Everyone else had a few things to say about Benzaie May 6th, 2011
2 Obscurus Lupa and The Cinema Snob: The Asylum's Sherlock Holmes Lupa and the Cinema Snob team up to review what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle WISHED he had written about. May 15th, 2011
3 Phelous & Linkara: The Airzone Solution Linkara and Phelous look at a movie that has a bunch of The Doctors from Doctor Who fighting an evil pollution company. May 18th, 2011
4 Spoony, Benzaie, and Ed Glaser: Starship Robocop Recall Spoony, Benzaie & Ed Glaser debates over the Sci-Fi films directed by P. Verhoven. Which side are you on? May 24th, 2011
5 Phelous & Film Brain: Lockjaw Phelous and Film Brain tackle the greatest film ever where DMX fights an alligator head snake. (I think there's a few) May 25th, 2011
6 Linkara and Brad: Manimal Linkara and Brad Jones review the Manimal comic! May 28th, 2011
7 Benzaie is a Douche in America Why is Benzaie such a douche in America? May 28th, 2011
8 3DS Features with Jew Wario and Handsome Tom Handsome Tom and Jew Wario talk about the greatness of the 3ds and Street Pass with everyone from ThatGuyWithTheGlasses. See all your favorites in Mii form! May 31st, 2011
9 Bad Movie Beatdown: Sunday School Musical Todd and Film Brain get biblical on this religious-themed cash-in from The Asylum. June 2nd, 2011
10 Third Year Teaser Trailer You've waited for it, now it's here! The trailer for the Third Year Anniversary of! June 6th, 2011
11 Linkara and Cinema Snob: Bimbos BC Linkara and the Cinema Snob review the movie that eventually spawned Bimbos in Time! June 7th, 2011
12 Bad Movie Beatdown Presents: Hercules in New York Film Brain and Obscurus Lupa look at Arnold Schwarzenegger's first starring role! June 9th, 2011
13 The Sexual Awakening of Nerds - A Scientific Survey Dr. C. Block, MD and Dr. C. Tease, MrS used the filming of the 3rd year anniversary as an opportunity to do an anthropological study on the reproductive habits of the elusive "nerd" type human. Part 1 featuring Linkara, Iron Liz, Todd in the Shadows, JewWario and Angry Joe! June 14th, 2011
14 Suburban Knights Full Trailer The full trailer for year three's epic production is now up! Be sure to check it out! June 21st, 2011
15 Friday by all of TGWTG Yes, we were bad and made everyone from ThatGuyWithTheglasses sing this crazy song. June 21st, 2011
16 The Sexual Awakening of the Human Nerd Part 2 The scientific survey into the hearts, minds and loins of a sample of nerds continues with Marzgurl, Spoony, Handsome Tom, 8-bit Mickey, Bennett the Sage and Bhargo! June 21st, 2011
17 Nella vs. The Baconalia While filming the 3rd year crossover, a very bacony promotion was going on at the local Denny's, including the infamous bacon sundae. Only Nella was brave enough to try it. June 22nd, 2011
18 Suburban Knights Part 1 The awesome mighty epicness begins in the first part of the third year special! June 26th, 2011
19 Suburban Knights Part 2 Evil shows it's face to our heroes. Find out what happens in part 2! June 27th, 2011
20 Suburban Knights Part 3 See Team two fight in the most awesome of battlefields! June 28th, 2011
21 Suburban Knights Part 4 Things heat up as the teams come across more evils on their quest! June 29th, 2011
22 Suburban Knights Part 5 More is discovered about the gauntlet and where it came from, but will that lead the team closer to it? June 30th, 2011
23 Jdub/Paw/Nella/Elisa: Interstella 5555 JewWario, Paw, Nella, and Elisa watch a Leiji Matsumoto movie that was Daft Punk's first movie! June 30th, 2011
24 Suburban Knights Part 6 Just who is Malachite anyway? July 1st, 2011
25 Suburban Knights Part 7 The final chapter in the epically ridiculous saga! July 2nd, 2011
26 CA Dance Spectacular 3 What anniversary would be complete without the annual dance video from Paw? July 3rd, 2011
27 Brad and Phelan Try Grass Jelly Brad and Phelan struggle to find a crossover idea, so why not do a drink video on Grass Jelly! Because everyone knows that if you add a little jelly to your front lawn and it becomes perfectly drinkable! July 4th, 2011
28 Sexual Awakening of the Human Nerd Part 3 The conclusion to the scientific survey featuring Brad Jones, Paw, Ed Glaser, Benzaie, Film Brain, NChick, Obscurus Lupa and Phelous: what have we learned from data our scentists have collected from the nerds, er, subjects? July 5th, 2011
29 Bad Movie Beatdown Crossover Outtakes Film Brain, Todd in the Shadows and Obscurus Lupa: what do you get? Giggling, penises and flubbed lines! July 5th, 2011
30 A Frog in Chicago Again The 3rd year anniversary of TGWTG seen from the inside. This Vlog will make you feel like hanging out with the team! July 6th, 2011
31 Interstella 5555 - Bloopers and Extended Scenes Check out what went into making the Interstella 5555 review! July 12th, 2011
32 Ninjas vs Pirates - The Other Third Year Anniversary See what the original idea was for the third year anniversary of before it became Suburban Knights. July 28th, 2011
33 Suburban Knights: Character Descriptions Well we couldn't fit this on the DVD, so here it is for free! This is the actor describing their characters for the Third Year Anniversary. ALSO - Find out what's in "Goat Fuckers for Dummies!" August 11th, 2011
34 Warrior #4 Comic Review The thrilling conclusion of the Warrior comic series culminates with Linkara, Spoony, and the other TGWTG hosts fighting the complete collapse of Hypertime under the weight of all the Destrucity! October 18th, 2011
35 Bimbos BC Bloopers Bloopers for the Bimbos BC review from last year! May 3rd, 2012


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