Year Five refers to Channel Awesome's five year anniversary event. Unlike the past events, instead of one collaborative video, there will be five short films making up the event. All of which the contributors celebrate the website's fantastic fifth year!


On July 2nd, 2013, a teaser trailer for the five year event was released. The minute-long trailer announced the name of it as "The Uncanny Valley." Instead of a full-length movie, it will be a collection of five short films produced by and starring various contributors from the site. The trailer spliced together random scenes from each film. At the end, it stated the videos will be released between July 23-28, as in a short film per day.

The shorts involved are by Doug Walker, That SciFi Guy, MikeJ, Brad Jones, and Welshy. These are the known shorts:

MikeJ: "Internet Dating and Me" - A documentary following MikeJ as he tries Internet dating.
Welshy: "The Darkside of the Internet" - A documentary featuring various people highlighting the good and bad of the Internet.
Doug Walker: "Dragonbored" - A comedy/drama about a mild-mannered man who accidentally unleashes his video game-created character into the real world.
Brad Jones: "The Reviewers" - A comedy about two friends trying to become internet reviewers, but aren't very good at it.
That SciFi Guy: "Dragged In" - A sci-fi/apocalypse story involving That SciFi Guy and the government.


Dragonbored: Carl is obsessed with the Skyrim-like game Skyguard to the point that it's affecting his career and relationship. While playing the game one night, he wishes for adventure and his game character, Jimbroth, is brought into the real world. Jimbroth soon becomes a hit with Carl's boss and girlfriend, causing Carl to try to reclaim his life. The short shows the dangers of being more obsessed with fictional lives than your own life.

Dragged In: Mr. Donivan, a mild-mannered vet, is commissioned by the government to help with an alien menace. The aliens speak in a strange language and Donivan is the only one able to decrypt it. What could these aliens want to threaten destroying Earth?

The Reviewers (UV): Roommates Andy and Jeff are two guys trying to make it big as internet reviewers. Andy is a bit jealous of Jeff's show, which has goofy storylines and characters. After Andy loses his job, he decides to try to better his show and have it go from a hobby to legitimate job. This is the pilot to a possible series from Brad Jones.

Internet Dating and Me: MikeJ from TGWTG may be popular, but he's been unlucky in love. To combat this, he decides to try online dating to find that special someone. Presented as a mini-documentary, the film chronicles his first internet date.

The Darkside of the Internet: A serious documentary presented by Welshy. It examines behavior on the internet, both good and bad, and how online bullying can affect others. The film mixes animation and live action segments to illustrate its points.

The Pointless Epilogue: As the Webmaster and Thomas wrap things up, Diamanda Hagan interrupts them and tries to propose her own short.



The Cast
Doug Walker as Jimbroth
Karl Custer as Carl
Rachel Tietz as Jessica
Malcolm Ray as Taylin
Brian Heinz as Frank
Fard Muhammad as LeBron
Trevor Mueller as Terry Zahn
Dayna Murry as Monica
Jim Jarosz as Worker
Jori Laws as Worker
Jason Laws as Worker
Joanna Kay as Worker

Dragged In

The Cast
Leo Thompson as Mr. Donivan
Nick Wright as Agency Chief
Allen Stephens as Buck Hamilton (CZZ News)
Yates Zaldevour as Mr. Archer
Rod Rombauer as Agent Kent
Derek Kent as Agent Clark
Chris Manson as Customer
Kim Thompson as Boss
Scott Dickey as Silent Partner
Geoffrey Keating as Agency #1
Rosie Wade as Agency #2
April Kaszer as Agency #3
Jason Wade as Agency #4
Dave Landers as Scientist
Alex McDaniel as Government Warning
Alisa Marie as Sunny Peachcastle (BOX News)
Ian Kent as Arthur Pilkington (BCC News)
BA as CZZ Production Assistant
Phelan Porteous as Victim #1
Mike Dodd as Victim #2
Brad Jones as Victim #3
Allison Pregler as Victim #4
Peter Stolmeier as Alien Leader
Trey Tackett as Alien #2/Prancing Furry
James Panto as Alien #3
Brandon Mills as Furry Cameraman

The Reviewers

The Cast
Brian Lewis as Andy
Jake Norvell as Jeff
Sarah Lewis as Michelle
Carrie Jo Stucki as Jenny
David Hobble as The Rickhead
Jerrid Foiles as The Messiah
Ed Glaser as Mr. Dyson
Brad Jones as Nicholas Pike
Jillian Zurawski as Caroline
Deven Foiles as Young Nicholas Pike
Lloyd as Talky Internet Cat

Internet Dating and Me

The Cast
Mike Jeavons as himself
Mathew Buck as himself
Diamanda Hagan as herself

The Darkside of the Internet

The Cast
Mat Williams as himself (VO)
Julien Diaz as himself/Internet users
Allison Pregler as herself
Mathew Buck as himself
Lewis Lovhaug as himself
Phelan Porteous as himself
Holly Christine Brown as Narrator
Shea Koshan as herself
Jill Bearup as herself
Jonathan Burkhardt as himself

The Pointless Epilogue

The Cast
Nash Bozard as The Web Master
Rob Walker as Thomas
Diamanda Hagan as herself


Episode Number Name Description Date Released
1 The 5th Year Anniversary Teaser Trailer Behold the Uncanny Valley! July 2nd, 2013
2 Internet Dating and Me Trailer (5th Year) Coming July 2013.. Internet Dating and Me. A part of the Channel Awesome 5th Year Anniversary. July 5th, 2013
3 Dragonbored: A Channel Awesome 5th Year Anniversary Short - Trailer What happens when a video game character plays YOUR life?   July 10th, 2013
4 Darkside of the Internet - CA 5th Year Short - Trailer Welshy releases the trailer for his short to celebrate Channel Awesome's 5th Year Anniversary; The Darkside of the Internet. July 12th, 2013
5 Dragged In - Teaser Trailer (5th Year) In the face of impending catastrophe, would you answer your government's call to step up? July 13th, 2013
6 The Reviewers Trailer (5th Year) The Reviewers is Team Snob's entry into the Channel Awesome 5th Year Anniversary film "The Uncanny Valley." Brian Lewis and Jake Norvell star as two struggling Internet Reviewers who love two things: bad movies and costumes. July 18th, 2013
7 Dragonbored What happens when a video game character is better at playing YOUR life? July 23rd, 2013
8 Dragged In The Uncanny Valley, Part 2 - That SciFi Guy presents: "Dragged In". On the verge of a worldwide crisis, would you answer the call to step up? July 24th, 2013
9 The Reviewers Andy and Jeff are two would be Internet Reviewers who may not have any fans or skills, but they do know two things: bad movies and costumes. Written and Directed by Brad Jones. July 25th, 2013
10 Internet Dating and Me Part 4 of The Uncanny Valley presents... Internet Dating and Me. July 26th, 2013
11 The Darkside of the Internet Uncanny Valley: Part 5: Welshy Presents Dark Side of the Internet. A short, serious film highlighting 3 different areas of the internet's Dark side, looking at what it means to live with the internet and to live through it. July 27th, 2013
12 The Pointless Epilogue The Unexpected FINAL part of The Uncanny Valley. July 29th, 2013
13 The Uncanny Valley Bloopers Bloopers from all the shorts in The Uncanny Valley March 18th, 2015


5th Year Anniversary Teaser Trailer

Internet Dating and Me Trailer (5th Year)

Dragonbored: A Channel Awesome 5th Year Anniversary Short - Trailer

Darkside of the Internet - CA 5th Year Short - Trailer

Dragged In - Teaser Trailer (5th Year)

The Reviewers Trailer (5th Year)


Dragged In

The Reviewers

Internet Dating and Me

The Darkside of the Internet

The Pointless Epilogue

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