Yanki J


Played by
Justin Carmical (Jew Wario)

Yanki J is a character played by Justin Carmical (Jew Wario). He's a gangster type character with a baseball bat, and a love of the Kunio Kun games. The name Yanki is a direct reference to the Japanese term "Yankii" that describes delinquent, troublemaking students who are usually involved in school related gangs.

He first appeared in the Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu review and reviewed the game alongside Jew Wario.

His second appearance was in the Nekketsu! Street Basket review, where he took over the show by tying up Jew Wario and performed the review himself.

Yanki J was given his own episode in "Yanki J Plays" where he reviewed an obscure PSP game with heavy Japanese roots that was actually ported to America.

Fun Facts

  • In the second episode he was featured in, Justin had his wife stand in for Yanki J or himself in the scenes where Yanki was pinning him down on the couch. This is obvious if you look closely at "Yanki's" fingernails in the scenes focusing on Jew Wario, and "Jew Wario's" feet in the scenes focusing on Yanki J. It led to a bunch of amusing comments on the video when it was posted.
  • Also in the second episode, Jew Wario toys with the fact that Yanki might just be a figment of his imagination.
  • Yanki J was a participant in the Kickassia crossover.
  • During and After the Kickassia crossover, Yanki J traded in his original slick-back hairstyle, and now wears a typical Japanese Student cap.

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