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Y Ruler of Time

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Real Name
Nikolas Freeman

Nikolas Freeman aka Y Ruler of Time (or "Y" for short) is a featured contributor on He currently produces the video series "Read Right to Left", in which he reviews various manga series. He is also a member of the Wikia staff, operating under the username Y BCZ.

Early Works

Y first began posting to the site's blog section in late November, 2008. He wrote a series of articles that he dubbed "This Is Awesome, Why Aren't You Talking About It?" or TIAWAITAI for short, in which he would discuss a topic that interested him and that he felt did not receive due attention. The articles were largely unrelated to one another, and in the four-article-long series Y discussed music, anime, webcomics, and a newspaper article. Y also wrote one edition of a considerably shorter-lived series titled "NFL Nimrod", in which he discussed the wild card round of the 2009 NFL playoffs.

Read Right to Left and Featured Status

A series of events eventually inspired Y to begin a new series, in which he would discuss manga. The idea occurred to him while he was re-reading a portion of the "Prince of Tennis" manga that he particularly disliked. Compelled to rant about the subject, Y sought a method to begin a manga review series. He emulated some of the techniques exhibited by Linkara, who covers the similar medium of comic books. On February 8, 2008, Y released the first episode of "Read Right to Left" in which he reviewed Prince of Tennis, and the video was shortly featured as an Awesome Blog of the Week on Transmission Awesome's first live episode. After the second episode was again featured as an Awesome Blog, Y was offered a trial run as a featured contributor on the site. His "Naruto" review appeared on the site's main section, and received a large amount of positive feedback, resulting in Y being picked up by the site.

Elsewhere on the Site

Shortly before becoming a featured contributor, Y became a member of the Wikia staff after designing the site's first template. Additionally he has consistently been among the points leaders on's arcade section, currently ranking second only to ChaosD1. Thus, Mike Michaud has dubbed him "Arcade Whore #2" at times.


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