X-Men (2/24/09)

X-Men are cool
X-Men rule
They're no fools
X-Mens duel
Fighting ghouls
They're not tools
Breaking rules
(X-Men kick major X-ass!)
First you got the Wolverine
Super-mega death machine
Gambit's cards are really keen
Shine like rubies
Cyclops always leads the team
While sometimes making out with Jean
Rogue and Storm are real hotties
With big boobies
Jubilee cheerfully fireworks off quickly
And the Beast once at least quotes the book "War and Peace"
ESP is the key constantly for Xavier!
And there's some other X-Men too
But they don't have a lot to do
Just some cameos for you
To view
And there's this evil bad guy who
Lost his parents 'cause they're Jews
Magneto's his nom de plume
It's true!
All these guys want this guy
Flying high in the sky
Really trying not to die
Getting by knowing why
They are the saviors
Xavier's X-Men kick ass!
X-Men is a kick-ass show
Now you know!

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