Real Name
Wesley Lock

Wez (Wesley Lock) is a featured video contributor on TGWTG. Wesley is often seen working with his colleague, Guru Larry, on videos such as Wez + Larry's Top 10 and Guru Larry's Retro Corner.

Wesley has worked on a variety of gaming based television over the years, including Xleague.TV and the Game Network, as well as other websites, where he has worked on shows such as Games Yanks Can't Wank, Hack-Job, and Pop-Up Reviews.

Beginning on TGWTG

Wesley has stated that he takes no credit in his place on TGWTG.com.

"Larry did all the hard work on that one, I just got to sit back and enjoy the ride."

Larry, after talking with Channel Awesome founder Mike Michaud, joined TGWTG.com and Blistered Thumbs with his and Wez's first video for the site, Wez + Larry's Top Ten Wacky Japanese Games.


Wez has also stated that he is working on machinima based content for the TGWTG.com. The feature showcases a character known as 'Gamed1k' who confuses and antagonises random online videogame players.

During recording content for the feature, using the Xbox Vision Camera on Uno, Wez encountered a 'disturbing image' which he could only describe as "vulgar and pornographic" but he plans on showing it anyway.

Untitled Puppet Show

With a working title of '72 Game Street', Wez has mentioned to bosses at TGWTG.com that he in the pre-production stages of a sitcom, featuring some of the most loved video game characters as puppets.

"Whilst I can't say too much at this point in time, I can say that we have finished the script for the pilot episode, and are working on the puppets".

According to his FaceBook status, Wez stated that he is "working on the single greatest puppet show in existence".

Personal Life and Career

Wez was born 'Wesley Lock' on June 12th 1982. He currently resides with his partner, Janice, in North London. Wesley has a BSc Psychology degree, and currently works as a Drug Worker when not making video features.

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