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Uncle Lies is a character from the Nostalgia Critic played by Doug Walker. He first appeared in the Jurassic Park 3 review threatening his daughter to play with a Barbie doll as opposed to her Dora the Explorer doll, and has since reappeared in the Rise of the Commercials, Conquest of the Commercials, Labyrinth and Cats & Dogs reviews. He holds a pipe and wears square glasses and a white sweater. He constantly has a psychopath grin. In Labyrinth (NC) it is revealed he is married to Aunt Despair.

Conquest of the Commercials[edit | edit source]

In Conquest of the Commercials, he warns his children, played by Malcolm and Tamara, to be in bed by 11:00 or he'd eat their hearts. After he leaves his traumatized children, Tamara exclaims 'I think I need to be potty trained again!' In this review he talked in a slow, raspy voice making fun of the Tiger Talkboy ad, however in following episodes he speaks with a Mid-Atlantic accent, similar to ThatGuyWithTheGlasses

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is revealed in Labyrinth (NC), the Creepy Dad is married to Aunt Despair and they both have two kids, who are played by Malcolm and Tamara.

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