Channel Awesome
Transmission Awesome


Created by
Produced By
Rollo T
Former Hosts
Coldguy (Season 1)
Sean Fausz (Seasons 1-4)
Mike Michaud (Season 2)
Dr. Gonzo (Season 2)
Angry Joe (Seasons 3 and 4)
Y Ruler of Time (Season 5)
PushingUpRoses (Season 5)
Paw (Seasons 3-5)
Paul Schuler
Chris Larios
Running Time
Approx. 60 Mins
Produced Episodes

Transmission Awesome is the official podcast of Channel Awesome. It stars contributors Rollo T, Y Ruler of Time, PushingUpRoses and PawDugan. In the show, set up like a radio show, the hosts discuss goings on on the website from the best blog of the week to videos. The show also has a series of interviews where they talk to other contributors such as Benzaie. Former hosts include Coldguy, Mike Michaud, Sean Fausz, AngryJoe and Dr. Gonzo. Rollo T initially pitched the idea for a podcast in late 2008 and was summarily accepted into the ranks of Channel Awesome, thus becoming the official podcast of the website.

The podcast took a break in 2012 and returned June 1st 2014 with new co-hosts, ThatChickWithTheGoggles and SonikGav!

Musical Break/The Paw's Button

After the interview segment, the podcast features a musical interlude where the song they choose are usually upbeat and can get your fists pumping. Starting with the beginning of season 3, the musical segment was called "The Paw's Button". These songs are often picked by Paw as he edits the podcast. After the musical break, the team segues into the Awesome Blogs of the Week.

Awesome Blog of the Week

The Awesome Blogs of the Week are blogs picked by the Transmission Awesome boys as they select what they think are the best blogs on the site. For more information, please see the article.

Forum Focus

Forum Focus started July 30th, 2009 and is a spotlight on various threads on the forums. The guys look at the topic of the day and discuss it. Usually, it is a thought provoking thread that becomes a Forum Focus.


The team has also showed up in other videos on the site. Most recently, they had showed up in the Christmas 2008 video and in the special video farewell to That Dude in the Suede. Rollo T also had a bit part in the third installment of the Year Two event, Kickassia where he reported for Transmission Awesome News.

Let's Play

On October 4th, 2009, the TA boys started a Let's play series about Robin Hood-Conquests. Here's a list of all the episodes>

  • TA Plays: Robin Hood - Conquests of Longbow (10/4/09)
  • TA Plays Robin Hood Conquests of Longbow (Part 02) (10/7/09)
  • TA Plays Robin Hood Conquests of Longbow (Part 03) (10/10/09)
  • TA Plays Legend of Kyrandia 1 (Part 01) (10/14/09)
  • TA Plays Discworld (December 5th, 2009 as part of the donation drive. December 8th on the site.)
  • TA Plays Rex Nebular & the Cosmic Gender Bender (11/3/10)


In early October, 2010, the podcast had a contest with the winners of the awesome blogs that month put in a poll to see who the community wanted to see on the show in November 2010.


Season 1

Episode Number Description Awesome Blogs of the Week Musical Break Date Released
1 Debut with ThatAussieGuy. Die Hard Theme Song - GuyzNite Oct. 16, 2008
2 Benzaie interviews Barry Leitch. N/A October 19th, 2008
3 Wrapping up the week. Countdown to Insanity - H-Blockx October 26th, 2008
4 Spoony and Doug. (Aussie Guest Host) N/A November 4th, 2008
5 Dr. Gonzo Simple & Clean (Rising Sun Remix) - CarboHydroM November 16th, 2008
6 Suede Pokemon Pokemon - Starship Amazing November 24th, 2008
7 The Other Guy You've got the Cash Reserves of a Tortilla - Starship Amazing December 17th, 2008
8 ThatChickWithTheGoggles (Aussie Guest Co-Host) N/A January 7th, 2009
9 Linkara, 2008 Wrap up review. Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin January 26th, 2009- Season Finale

Season 2

Episode Number Description Awesome Blogs of the Week Musical Break Date Released
10 PawDugan March of Istria - Tromsø February 10th, 2009
11 Ed Glaser, of Press Start Adventures. Also, Dr. Gonzo started to co-host at this time. Typical - Mute Math February 24th, 2009
12 Live Episode, Featuring Aussie, Doug, Bhargav Dronamraju, Mike Ellis, and Mike Michaud. Report here: TA Live Episode Live - The Pretender - Foo Fighters, Unknown, Rooftops - Lostprophets February 18th, 2009
13 TheCat and Dr. Gonzo became a permanent addition to the TA team. Devour - Shinedown March 2nd, 2009
14 Lee & Coldguy Returns Conflict Approaches - Glenn Case March 6th, 2009
15 Winner of the Blogger Contest: LennSKI White Feather in the Storm (Super Mario Galaxy) - CarboHydroM March 16th, 2009
16 AngryJoe and Mike Michaud co-hosts for the first time. Land of Confusion - Disturbed March 20th, 2009
17 *Handsome Tom *Benzaie interviews Chris Huelsbeck N/A March 31st, 2009
18 Welshy "Youtube's NostalgiaAVGNFan" The Nine Tails Fox and the Avenger (Street Fighter 2) - CarboHydrom April 5th, 2009
19 Bennett The Sage N/A April 11th, 2009
Live Special! TA2 LIVE! SEASON FINALE EXTRAVAGANZA! Featuring: N/A May 16th, 2009

Season 3

Episode Number Description Awesome Blogs of the Week Paw's Button Date Released

Return with Y Ruler of Time. Also, this was the first time Angry Joe and Paw took on the co-hosting duties.

Skate or Die Remix May 30th, 2009
21 Ed Glaser Joins the boyz again! Düm Tek Tek - Hadise June 4th, 2009
Special The Nerd interviewed. N/A N/A June 8th, 2009
22 JewWario Expialidocious - Pogo June 15th, 2009
23 Lindsay Ellis Doom soundtrack remix-Dark Side of Phobos June 20th, 2009
24 Film Brain Tetris theme remix. June 27th, 2009
25 LittleKuriboh Powerglove "Birth of a God" July 4th, 2009
26 Team Four Star: (Takahata101, Lanipator, Megami33 and hbi2k) Scrumdiddlyumptious (Willy Wonka- Pogo July 11th, 2009
27 Phelous Peashooter song July 19th, 2009
Transmission Awesome After Hours Parts 1 and 2. For a report, see TA2Live Guests were various members of the team. The first two hours of the after party had: Lanipator, That Aussie Guy and Y Ruler of Time along with questions asked and callers. N/A N/A July 26th, 2009
Transmission Awesome After Hours Parts 3 and 4. For a report, see the second TA Live report. More guests were called in from the TGWTG staff including Linkara, TheDudette, TheCat, Bennett the Sage, 8 Bit Mickey and more! Lanipator also showed off his voicing skills and more questions were taken. N/A N/A July 27th, 2009
28 Little Miss Gamer

Forum Focus

Chinese Ninja Warrior by Del Reilly and the DoubleIceBackFire July 30th, 2009
Transmission Awesome After Hours Part 5. For a full report, see the second TA Live report. Still the same guests as they begin to wind down their talk with Lanipator and various other members of the staff. N/A N/A August 2nd, 2009
29 Ashens and Guru Larry

Forum Focus

Monkey on a Bridge-Mexican Session August 8th, 2009
30 Goggles returns!

Forum Focus

The Frauds- the church of seduction. August 15th, 2009
31 Benzaie returns!

Forum Focus

Winner of the song contest (later found out to not be his work.) Winner is the runner up to Songwriter Spotlight Escape by Code: 504 August 23rd, 2009
32 Spoony returns! Runner-Up of the song contest: "No Escape" by Code 504 September 5th, 2009
33 Coldguy returns!

Forum Focus:

Strikes of the Devil's Axis by Carbohydron M September 19th, 2009
34 Blogger SCXCR (Winner of the TA contest.)

Forum Focus:

Press Play On Tape October 3rd, 2009
35 Rooney Enterprises

Forum Focus:

A Glorious Dawn by Color Pulse October 11th, 2009
36 SadPanda

Forum Focus:

Rollo T by the Sad Panda October 24th, 2009
37 LordKat

Forum Focus:

We are all Connected by Color Pulse November 7th, 2009
38 Bennett The Sage returns!

Forum Focus:

Pogo (Robin Williams remix) November 18th, 2009
39 CR (LordKaT guest hosts)

Forum Focus:

Zelda remix by NintenJoe64 November 28th, 2009

Season 4

Episode Number Description Awesome Blogs of the Week Paw's Button Date Released
40 MarzGurl River City Rumble remix January 16th, 2010
41 MasakoX
  • Forum Focus:
Pogo-Up Remix January 30th, 2010
42 MikeJ
  • Forum Focus:
N/A February 13th, 2010
43 Skitch
  • Forum Focus:
Journey to the Horizon by Skitch. February 20th, 2010
44 JesuOtaku
  • Forum Focus:
OC Remix: "El Lagarto" - Evil Horde February 27th, 2010
45 Luke Mochrie
  • Forum Focus:
"Cryosleep" by Machinae Supremacy March 20th, 2010
46 Brad Jones
  • Forum Focus:
Ucuban send off March 27th, 2010
47 Transylvania Television
  • Forum Focus:
Latitude April 3rd, 2010
48 ToddInTheShadows
  • Forum Focus:
Ethan Goldhammer/S Burke-In the Pocket April 21st, 2010
49 Bhargav Dronamraju
  • Forum Focus:
Pomplamoose: Beat It cover May 1st, 2010
50 Eric Power
  • Forum Focus:

N/A Discussion of E3 2010

Something a la mode: G-String May 15th, 2010
51 Obscurus Lupa Pogo-Garden May 30th, 2010
52 Punky

Forum Focus:

Solar Jetman cover song June 19th, 2010
53 Dena

Forum Focus:

Pogo-Buzzwing July 24th, 2010
54 8 Bit Mickey and Y Ruler of Time guest hosts.

Forum Focus:

"If you could merge two game companies together" by CageAquariam (No Link)

Abreu Project: Silver Surfer remix July 31st, 2010
55 Mike Dodd Cursor de Heart: Dogtown California August 28th, 2010
56 Vangelus and Y Ruler of Time guest hosts. OC Remix-Voices of the Lifestream: Lunatic Moon September 18th, 2010
57 PushingUpRoses (Rose's Choice) Darryl Hall Collab with Chromio: Family Man September 27th, 2010
58 Nash Niko song October 2nd, 2010
59 JewWario returns! Also, this is the start of the Awesome Blog contest. Theme song for anime. October 9th, 2010
60 Rap Critic

Forum Focus:

Oh, Really by Rap Critic October 16th, 2010
61 Welshy and Sad Panda return!

Forum Focus:

Project Moor-Lullaby October 23rd, 2010

Season 5

Episode Number Description Awesome Blogs of the Week Paw's Button Date Released
62 Angry Joe. He and Sean leave. First ep with PushingUpRoses and Y Ruler of Time. Pogo: Sounds of South Africa. February 14th, 2011
63 ChaosD1, the winner of the Awesome blog contest! Deathray-My Lunatic friend. March 5th, 2011
64 Apollo Z. Hack Feel Good Inc. cover by Skye March 19th, 2011
65 Oancitizen The Busters (song unknown) March 29th, 2011
66 RinryGameGame Living Room by Tegan and Sara March 29th, 2011


Foreign Land by Eskimo Joe April 23rd, 2011


DJ Sneak (unknown song) May 14th, 2011
69 That SciFi Guy King of Silence (Cibo Matto remix) by Dan the Automator June 4th, 2011
70 HopeWithinChaos Washington Square by The Correspondents June 19th, 2011
71 Blistered Thumbs Writers (Austin, Shaun & Taylor) Nectarine by Mike Doughty August 7th, 2011
72 Doug Walker Washington Square by The Correspondents August 21st, 2011

Season 6

Episode Number Description Awesome Blogs of the Week Paw's Button/Krissy's Digg Date Released
73 Diamanda Hagan Fresh Prince of Bel Air remix by Pogos February 23rd, 2012
74 Linkara As Paw could not return to do TA regularly, Paw's Button was discontinued and replaced with a new music segment titled Krissy's Diggs.

Our Streets by Stokeswood

June 1st, 2014

Transmission Awesome episodes can be found here.