Episode uploaded onto Blip on December 14, 2013. Bennett lists down the 20 greatest giant animated robots from our collective childhoods, accept no substitutes.

Introduction TranscriptEdit

-Opening theme: "Ultra - KMFDM"-

Sage: "What is it about robots that fascinate us so much?" 

Sage V.O.: "Is it some form of hubris that we are recreating our own image or is it some driving intellectual curosity that has us examining our own humanity through another medium?"

Sage: "And more importantly, why are giant robots so fucking awesome?"

(Clip: Big O fires laser blast)

Sage: "Well that second question was easy."

Sage: V.O. "Yes, giant robots are a staple of our childhood, not just for those who grew up on anime. So in honor of the many mechanism of mayham that turned us into the wired generation that we are, I'm counting down the top 20 greatest giant robots."

Sage: "What do I mean by great? Well, it's a culmination of many traits really."

Sage V.O.: "I'm juggling cultural and historical significance of course but I'm also factoring in the powers and the abilities of the robots themselves as well as their pilots when applicable. Yes, you can take it from me that both piloted and unpiloted are allowed on the list. I'm also allowing giant robots from other mediums as well, but they have to be animated in some way, no live action. Lastly, I'm keeping this list to one version of the robot at a time so that way, we don't get 20 different version of the RX-78 choking the list."

Sage: "Hmm, may have tipped my hat a little there. Eh, fuck it, let's count down-"

Sage V.O.: "The Top 20 Greatest Giant Robots of All Time.

Top 20 Giant Greatest Robots ListEdit

  1. 20: Jehuty - "Zone of the Enders"
  1. 19: Omega Weapon - "Final Fantasy V"
  1. 18: RahXephon - "RahXephon"
  1. 17: Megatron - "Transformers"
  1. 16: Mazinger Z - "Mazinger Z"

Honorable Mentions:

-Megazord - "Power Rangers"

-Gypsy Danger - "Pacific Rim"

  1. 15: Metal Gear Rex - "Metal Gear Solid"
  1. 14: Gurren Lagann - "Gurren Lagann"
  1. 13: Liger Zero - "Zoids: New Century"
  1. 12: Zaku II - "Mobile Suit Gundam"
  1. 11: The Iron Giant - "The Iron Giant"

More Honorable Mentions:

- GOD Gravion - "Gravion"

- AV-98 Ingram - "Patlabor"

  1. 10: M.E.G.A.S. - "Megas XLR"
  1. 9: BGY-11 (Big Guy) - "The Big Guy and Rusty"
  1. 8: Tetsujin-28 - "Tetsujin-28"
  1. 7: Lion Voltron - "Voltron"
  1. 6: Super Dimension Fortress Macross - "Macross"

More Honorable Mentions:

- Sentinels - "X-Men The Animated Series"

- Giant Mechanical Spider - "Wild WIld West"

  1. 5: EVA Unit: 01 - "Neon Genesis Evangelion"
  1. 4: The Big O - "The Big O"
  1. 3: Optimus Prime - "Transformers"
  1. 2: Giant ROBO - "Giant ROBO"
  1. 1: RX-78 Series - "Mobile Suit Gundam"

Episode ends with a teaser for "Violence Jack"

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