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Top 15 Dumbest Evil Plans of AT4W

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January 1st, 2020
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Fifteen of the stupidest evil plans from the reviews!

Linkara: Hello, and welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn. It's the end of the year, everybody! And wow! We're coming up on 2020! You ever just...stop and think about the fact that we're living in the future? Like, just ponder the last few years and reflect on the fact that this is the future?

(A scene from Avengers: Endgame is shown.)

Frigga: The future hasn't been kind to you, has it?

Linkara: No, it has NOT!!! And 2019 has had its ups and downs. A lot of downs.

Linkara (voiceover): For one thing, my schedule slippage was an interesting issue at the beginning of the year. Things went fine, and then it just slipped and vanished altogether by July so that I actually had to miss an episode this year, namely condensing the retrospective down to three parts instead of four.

Linkara: Expect an extra Comic Book Quickies episode soon to compensate for that. Maybe. Probably not, given my luck.

Linkara (voiceover): But by the end of the year, we seem to have mostly gotten back on track. Sure, I had to push an episode back by a week, so two episodes premiered at once. But I had my wisdom teeth pulled, and I think that's as good an excuse as any. And then the Last Jedi review from last week wasn't already at 4 PM on Monday was.

Linkara: What I'm saying is that at least I'm missing the deadlines because of good reasons and not because I'm still reeling from the previous week's lateness. It's a good distinction.

Linkara (voiceover): As I mentioned, we had ourselves a big ol' retrospective on Cassandra Cain, the -- in my humble opinion -- best Batgirl DC ever had. The nice thing about these retrospectives is that they really helped reinvigorate my love for this medium and the universes they inhabit. So much history and intriguing storytelling that I've really come to love.

Linkara: Pity that I've actually fallen really far behind on current comics. Like, I'm up to a year or two behind on what's actually happening anymore. Expect me to give a lot of shrugs in the future for whatever people ask me my opinions about things.

Linkara (voiceover): But then again, I've been kind of busy as you may have noticed. While I may have missed an episode, it's not like I'm lacking for reviews I've made this year. I finally got to visit Marvel's new universe with its bizarre Kickers, Incorporated concept, did my first ever Alan Moore review, thanks to a Patreon-sponsored episode, and even finally looked at another image comic that continues to this day with Savage Dragon.


Linkara: So sit back and be smug about how you, my friends, are not as stupid as the villains I;m talking about today. This is the Top 15 Dumbest Evil Plans of Atop the Fourth Wall.

(After the main theme song rolls, we cut to the title card, with Weird Al Yankovic's "Dare to be Stupid" playing in the background.)


Linkara (voiceover): Number 15: "Do nothing!" from March of the Titans Part 4: Titans #26 to #50.


Linkara (voiceover): Number 14: Card Game World Domination from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Chapter 1.


Linkara (voiceover): Number 13: "I hate flesh! That's why I'm keeping flesh around! Also, they're spiders." from Future's End.


Linkara (voiceover): Number 12: Racketeering Can't Melt Through Steel Beams from Marvel Comics #1.


Linkara (voiceover): Number 11: Can't See the Gizmoduck from the Trees from Darkwing Duck #1 to #4: The Duck Knight Returns.


Linkara (voiceover): Number 10: Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Hitler from Superman At Earth's End.


Linkara (voiceover): Number 9: "My pwan is GWEAT!" from The Culling.


Linkara (voiceover): Number 8: I'm pretty sure Doom is just winging it from Ultimatum.


Linkara (voiceover): Number 7: Silent Hill's evil is apparently based on celebrity murder from Silent Hill: Dead/Alive.


Linkara (voiceover): Number 6: Humanity will be better when it melts! from Maximum Clonage.


Linkara (voiceover): Number 5: "I refuse to actually solve my problem! Everyone should just HAVE my problem!" from Captain America Meets the Asthma Monster and Return of the Asthma Monster.


Linkara (voiceover): Number 4: "Only expensive college degrees can foil me!" from Future Five #1.


Linkara (voiceover): Number 3: "DOOM SHALL BE THE SMARTEST SIXTH-GRADER!" from Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in: Brain Drain!


Linkara (voiceover): Number 2: CATHOLICISM DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY from Uncanny X-Men #423 to 424.


Linkara (voiceover): And the number one dumbest evil plan of Atop the Fourth Wall is... BURGER TYRANT from Speed Steer #5.

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