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October 14, 2020
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(The Channel Awesome logo plays, followed by the 2020 NostalgiaWeen intro)

NC: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to. You clicked on the video, you know what time it is! Play that cheesy-ass graphic!

(The title "Stephen King Time!" appears, which means, yep, NC is reviewing a Stephen King movie, as per NostalgiaWeen tradition. Then cut to a montage of Stephen King movies, several of which NC looked at previously)

NC (vo): Ah, Stephen King, you've brought so much joy into our lives. Not that his creativity hasn't delighted and inspired several generations now, but he's one of the few writers where his bad works are just as entertaining as his good works. When he goes for something, he goes big with it. And even though there's more Stephen King stories than there probably are (A shot of every Pokemon in exist is shown) Pokemon, people forget that a Stephen King project, even if it was bad, was often a big event. Yeah, some didn't get a ton of press, but I can't tell you how many times I've heard people hyped for the latest film or series that had his name attached to it.

(Posters of the following King movies are shown...)

NC (vo): Langoliers, Shining, Carrie, Tommyknockers, hell, IT was a big deal twice.

(The poster for It: Chapter Two is shown)

NC (vo): Three times...uh...

(Cut back to the first two It posters)

NC (vo): Twice!

NC: And by far, one of the most hyped miniseries, if not the most hyped miniseries: The Stand.

(The title for The Stand is shown)

NC (vo): Based on his book about the size of five Bibles...

(As he says this, a shot of five copies of the Holy Bible is shown, alongside a shot of the original book, which has a comparably thick size to it)

NC (vo): ...with notes from Fox News... (The Fox News logo is added to the top of the stack of Bibles) ...The Stand was an instant hit when it premiered in 1994. And, unlike some of his other hit miniseries, which received mixed to negative reactions after watching them, The Stand was phenomenally well-received. Yes, this is one of the few Stephen King miniseries that audiences and critics liked from beginning to end. And with the series running a whopping six hours, and that's taking out commercial breaks, that's no small feat. The series was directed by Mick Garris and penned by King himself. And while their collaborations have been... (Shots of the posters for Sleepwalkers and The Shining are superimposed) memorable, to say the least, this truly is among their best work. So, you might be wondering, how am I gonna get that much material out of such a universally-beloved series?

NC: (shrugs) It is still Stephen King and Mick Garris, guys.

NC (vo): One of the things I love about these two is they go all out, which means they take more risks, which means there's always great, hilarious head-scratching moments. And God bless every one of them. But at six hours, I gotta stop yapping and hop right into this.

NC: So let's jump right into it. This is–

(He is interrupted, however, by the sound of a voice)

Voice: Critic!

(It's an old woman (played by Malcolm) standing by her door)

Old Woman: You must make your way to my home!

NC: No, sorry, Mother Abigail, I got too much series to review.

Mother Abigail: But it's very important! I waited minutes in makeup for this. Minutes!

NC: Sorry, but I got way too much to get through. And that includes you, too, Tamara.

(Cut to Tamara, who is writing something behind her computer. She looks up)

Tamara: No, that's fine. (goes back to writing)

NC: (looking up to see what's going on) What are you working on?

Tamara: I thought you said you were busy.

NC: Right, right! This is The Stand. (beat) Early taxes?

Tamara: Six hours, man!

NC: (hastily) You're right, you're right!


NC: And that was The Stand. Like any King miniseries, it has its corny moments, but honestly, it’s pretty good.

(Footage of the miniseries plays out as NC gives his final thought)

NC (vo): A lot of that I think comes down to the acting. The majority of performers sell the hell out of this. This is a project that so easily could’ve been too ridiculous and over-the-top, but this surprisingly finds a good balance so that it doesn’t come across like God’s Not Dead 5. The characters are interesting, the pacing is steady, and it remarkably keeps your attention. Despite it being six hours, I was never bored. So, yeah, I know it sounds strange saying a King series about the Rapture with a pro-God message is actually pretty decent, but it truly is. Check it out and see why it’s deserving of all the attention.

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