The Simpsons (3/27/09)

Simpsons - the show that never dies
Don't ask why their skin's yellow
It's just how they roll
Look, Bart's in trouble!
I can't believe this show
Just got a new intro
They had this one here
For 20 years, maybe more.
I guess that means they'll stay around even longer
The show just doesn't seem that stronger!
It peaked in the 90s
Now I can't stand the friggin' writing!
Just bow out before it gets frightening.
It keeps Fox alive amidst the other losers
And "Family Guy", the rip-off show worshiped by college viewers!
But I digress, let's view the rest.
How come none of them ever have normal hairstyles?
And haven't they worn those same clothes for quite a while?
Look! There's a baby driving
Never screaming, never crying
Oh, it's Marge
Isn't that so freakin' precious?
Pause this scene to get some laughter
Well, too late now, maybe after
We hear Homer scream like a banshee.
I love that part!
Now here's a really funny couch gag!
Okay, that wasn't too funny
What do I know?
Aw hell, just screw it
On with the show!

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