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The Secret of the Hunchback

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March 30, 2016
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Phelous: Do you want to know The Secret of the Hunchback? Yes! You do! Trust me, it's ridiculous!

Phelous (vo): With one other video being The Secret of Anastasia.

Phelous: Wow. I sure hope Anastasia and the hunchback weren't keeping the same secret.

Phelous: Those were supposed to be notable examples?

Phelous: Wait. That would be stupid.

Phelous: So his secret was his name? Kinda lame.

Phelous: It goes poorly.

Phelous: Dingo flashbacks! Dingo flashbacks!

Phelous: She can't be like them because she's hot!

Phelous: Stupid surprised sheriff.

Frollo: My first wife?

Frollo: I want you to bring me the monster you spoke of. He is a known criminal in this city who until now has eluded my men.

Quasimodo: What's that?

Quasimodo: You're made of stone.

Quasimodo: I'll be very careful.

Quasimodo: Pierre!

Phelous: Hmm... maybe Pierre is thinking three way. Don't judge! That's the moral!

Pierre: That is not Esmeralda!

Esmeralda: You incredible pig!

Frollo: Seize that witch!

Phelous: Well better late than never, Pierre.

Pierre: Come, m'lady. We will avange you, my friend.

Phelous: He was only saving the girl.

Frollo: I want simply everything.

Phelous: Ain't I a stinker?

Frollo: You'll do, holy father.

Frollo: Yes!

Quasimodo: You will hurt people no more!

Frollo: I give up!

Phelous: Kinda did that to himself. At least he took that useless blues gargoyle with him!

Pierre: Frollo's men have surrendered.

Pierre: We will avange you, my friend.

Quasimodo: I love you all!

Pierre: We will avange you, my friend.

Phelous: There is no beauty inside!