Jurassic Park

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July 24, 2016
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(Tamara is seen in her bedroom)

Tamara: Hi, guys, I'm Tamara Chambers, and this is episode (holds up three fingers) three of Tamara's Never Seen.

(She notices something amiss with her hair, which is caught in her earring)

Tamara: You guys, this is gonna bother me for the entire episode...

(She pulls on her hair; cut to her groaning in pain as she pulls on it, then cut again)

Tamara: Hi, guys, my name is Tamara Chambers, and I fixed my hair! Okay, now that that very important issue is settled, I am watching The Secret of NIMH.

(The poster for "The Secret of NIMH" shows up, followed by the words "Tamara's Never Seen". Tamara's inquisitive face appears from the bottom.)

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