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The Secret of Anastasia

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February 3, 2017
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Phelous: Another Secret of movie?

Anastasia: Oh, poor tuba!

Anastasia: No! Never!

Anastasia: What has happened, Mother Harp?

Anastasia: But I am Anastasia!

Vladimir: Deal. 

Rod: What the... 

Anastasia: I throw my voice.

Phelous: Does this tuba really have the authority to do that?

Phelous: Why am I focusing so much on this? Move on!

Vladimir: You eat more than the Russian army. And I should know.

Anastasia: I can explain.

Phelous: Why do these instruments know people and stuff like this?

Anastasia: Lucky you.

Anastasia: Married?

Vladimir: Married?

Anastasia Well, yes. He asked.

Anastasia: What more do I need to know? He's a prince, I'm a princess.

Anastasia: Paul! Make them let me go!

Vladimir: She's been kidnapped. Harps can't talk.

Vladimir: I don't care about the money, only you.

Anastasia: I've been such a fool! loved you from the start!

Anastasia: I'm going to lose him!

Anastasia: How can that be?

Phelous: Can we just not?