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The Proxy is a series of videos mainly featuring Ashens (Stuart Ashen). The videos are hosted on his YouTube channel. Apparently, the series was also part of a contest by Alienware. The series began with him doing a normal unboxing of someone else's mail, unboxing a flash drive. He then plugged it into his laptop (Alienware, for those interested) and looked at the contents, mainly some algorythms and DNA. He then got barged into by some mysterious people, and the series began!

"The Proxy" is most likely a play on "The Matrix", a popular 90's movie with a similar plotline.

The series was 10 episodes long.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode Number Name Date Released
1 The Opening March 9th, 2012
2 The Chase March 15th, 2012
3 The Mysterious Girl March 22nd, 2012
4 Hidden Powers Exposed April 5th, 2012
5 Captured April 19th, 2012
6 Becoming a Hero April 27th, 2012
7 The Source May 3rd, 2012
8 Revelations May 10th, 2012
9 Nothing But The Truth May 17th, 2012
10 Finale May 24th, 2012

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