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The Little Mermaid (GoodTimes)

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August 5, 2016
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Phelous: And that's about it!

Vink: You're not going into the ballroom, are you?

Phelous: Can she?! Please?!

Vink: Why in the name of the seven seas would you wanna meet someone who has legs? I'll take a tail any day.

Leena: The above world! I made it!

Phelous: You didn't know how to swim up?

Phelous: What party's that? The Prince Eric lookalike party?

Leena: This is fun!

Leena: Something's wrong!

Leena: Something's wrong!

Leena: This is fun!

Leena: This is fun!

Cosgrove: Your Highness, look out!

General Tentacle: General Tentacle reporting!

Phelous (as General Tentacle): Sir, where are your nipples?

Leena: I guess I didn't think.

Leena: I didn't think.

Leena: I didn't think.

Vink: I'm your official royal pet.

Vink: Do you have any idea how fast you're swimming?

Vink: Don't you like me?

Phelous: No one likes you!

Cosgrove: Love? What is love?

Phelous: I don't even know what water is anymore! Is that what water tastes like?!

Sebastian: Her name is Ariel!

Prince Eric: Ariel?

Vink: If he marries anyone else, Princess Leena will turn into seafoam!