The Lion King (in 3D)

Lion king 3d nch

October 23, 2011
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(Nostalgia Chick walks out of her apartment building and spots a billboard for The Lion King in 3D. The opening to "The Circle of Life" plays out.)

NCh: Disney!

(Continues to walk down the street until she sees a theater where The Lion King is showing)

NCh: All right, fine!

(Walks in and sits down)

NCh: So, I've heard a lot of people, bitching about the, release of Lion King in 3D, the re-release rather, that you know: "Oh, Disney, you money grubbing fools re-releasing your, good classic movies in lieu of making new ones that are, you know, not shitty." But you know what? This, is nothing new. Disney, has a history of re-releasing things and 3D is just their new excuse to do it.

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