The Immature Connoisseur
Real Name
theADHDkid (True name unknown)

The Immature Connoisseur is the character and title of an article series of liquor and beer reviews written by theADHDkid.


The Immature Connoisseur was created in the blogs section with a review of Wild Turkey 101 in December of 2008. The series continued through 2009, earning an Awesome Blog of the Week and Best of Blogs. In November it was picked up for BarFiesta. Until the launch of BarFiesta, the series is being hosted on


Each review begins with a quote that answers the question, "Why are you drinking?" The article then proceeds normally with a few introductory paragraphs and then tasting notes. For liquor, there is a link to the company's website as well as several short reviews of mixed drinks, culminating in "Mixing Guidelines" in the conclusion. Articles end with either a final thought, off-topic comment, or a constrained conclusion (such as a conclusion written without the letter "e" or using only six words).

Quick Hits!

Quick Hits! is a series in which each article consists of five product reviews, each no longer than two sentences. The series was originally created on BarFiesta; however, the original two articles are currently down.

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