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 The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Goodtimes)

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July 7, 2017
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Phelous: We're goin back to Notre Dame for some Goodtimes! As in the Goodtimes adaptation. Don't get your hopes too up, I promise you no actual times of joy.

Phelous: Where is the story happening?

Phelous: No, I haven't. I'm always in place.

Kasim Baba: Stupid donkeys.

Frollo: You is the pope of fools!

Phelous: Wow. I can't believe I used that clip there.

Frollo: Do you not realize what you're doing?!

Young Frollo In honor of this day...

Frollo: Die!

Pierre: We will avange you, my friend.

Esmeralda: Murder! Murder!

Phelous: Murder?

Esmeralda: What is your name, monsieur?

Phoebus: Capitain Phoebus de Châteaupers at your service!

Esmeralda: Thank you. (kisses Phoebus on the cheek)

Phoebus: Thank you.

Esmeralda: Thank you.

Phoebus: Thank you.

Esmeralda: Thank you.

Phoebus: Thank you.

Esmeralda: I'll take him.

Esmeralda: If you wish to be saved, break it. Throw it to the ground.

Esmeralda: No. I married you to save you.

Quasimodo: Bell ringer of Notre Dame.

Old Man: Useless is completely Quasimodo now!

Frollo: You are married to the gypsy?

Esmeralda: Go on! Murder me too!

Phelous: Why is everyone obsessed with her again?

Phelous: Are we supposed to like Quasimodo in this version? At all?

Narrator: Esmeralda confessed to stabbing the soldier to death.

Phelous: Why?

Narrator: Esmeralda was sentenced to death.

Frollo: Do you ask forgiveness for your sins and failings?!

Esmeralda: I've done nothing wrong!

Phelous (vo): I don't think Esmeralda and the narrator got together for their stories here.

Quasimodo: Sanctuary!

Reverend Lovejoy: Oh, why did I teach him that word?

Quasimodo: Sanctuary!

Esmeralda: Why did you rescue me?

Quasimodo: Never leave the church. If you do, they will kill you and I will die.

Phelous: No, she's not.

Esmeralda: You're the one who stabbed Captain Phoebus!

Frollo: I am the only one who truly loves you!

Phelous (vo): Wrong!

Quasimodo: Don't go.

Esmeralda: No!

Pierre: Hurry! He's no great loss!

Phelous: Pierre, you're the worst!

Esmeralda: Why are we stopping?

Frollo: Be mine!

Frollo: You're practically my own flesh and blood!

Quasimodo: I saw you stab the captain!

Quasimodo: I love you.

Esmeralda: I love you too.

Phelous: What?

Pierre: We will avenge you, my friend.

Pierre: He's no great loss!