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December 4, 2019
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(The Channel Awesome logo and NC title sequence play)

NC: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to. Say! (picks up and looks at his cell phone) It's December! (chuckles) Well, I suppose I should change into my Christmas clothes, not that Christmas is a big deal around here. HA-HA!

(He stands up and throws his arms out. In a dramatic fashion, his jacket turns into his Christmas jacket from last year, in the style of Sailor Moon's transformation. After his Christmas jacket appears on him, he salutes dramatically)

NC: Now I'm ready for Christmas!

Malcolm: (offscreen) Um, Critic?

(NC looks toward who said that: it's Malcolm and Tamara. They are standing in the doorway, looking visibly disturbed. Malcolm points down to NC's lower half, trying to get his attention. NC looks down at where Malcolm is pointing. It seems as though the transformation had turned out too much like Sailor Moon's transformation, as he is now wearing a blue skirt instead of pants)

NC: (looking up) I know. It's intentional. I wanted to see if a more breezy Christmas was what I was looking for, as...some girls choose to fight crime in this.

Tamara: Naturally...

NC: Naturally. But I feel I don't have the, um...calves for this, so I will...alter this outfit.

Malcolm: It was a good try.

NC: (pointing to them) Yeah, you get it. You get it.

(Again, he raises his hand in the air and another transformation takes place. Malcolm and Tamara are surprised)

Tamara: Critic?

NC: (now wearing a shorter blue skirt, waving dismissively) It's fine, it's fine. I want this. I totally want this.

Malcolm: Even though you just said it didn't work.

NC: I said that because I needed more leg to balance out the size of the calves.

Malcolm: (nods, not entirely convinced) Mm-hmm, balance out.

NC: Yes, it's freeing. (whispering) It's very freeing.

Tamara: (as she and Malcolm shake their heads) It doesn't look freeing.

NC: I feel alive. Very alive.

Tamara: You look dead. Very dead.

NC: (whispering) Leave.

Malcolm: Both inside and outside, dead.

NC: (whispering) Leave.

Tamara: (NC is still whispering "Leave") We're gonna go get some boots to balance out this whole situation.

NC: (whispering) Leave.

Malcolm: (NC is still whispering "Leave") I'd get you some meatballs for your hair, but then you'd just look silly.

NC: (still whispering) Leeeeeeeave.

(Malcolm and Tamara finally take the hint and leave)

NC: (turning back to the camera) Somehow, this connects to The Grinch.

(The opening title for the 2018 adaptation is shown, followed by a shot of the Grinch here)

NC (vo): Because people couldn't get enough of...

(Cut to footage of the earlier How the Grinch Stole Christmas; namely, the more notorious aspects of that movie: the Grinch's schoolteacher laughing with the rest of the class at his poorly-shaved face; the Grinch's face buried in Martha May Whovier's breasts; the Grinch putting his dog Max's butt in Mayor Augustus May Who's face, causing him to kiss Max's butt, much to Max's wide-eyed shock)

NC (vo): ...nightmare face fuels, awkward motorboating, and dogs' asses being kissed...

(Poster of Bad Santa appears in the corner)

NC: (shaking head) No, no, no. This (Poster for the earlier Grinch movie replaces the Bad Santa one) family classic, obviously!

(More footage of the newer Grinch movie is shown)

NC (vo): Universal decided to give us another cinematic version of The Grinch, this time with the help of Illumination Entertainment. I mean, after they handled perfectly...

(Cut to footage of The Lorax)

NC (vo): ...the haunting nature of the timeless Lorax...

(A clip of the movie is shown, showing the Once-ler singing "This Is My Place" and playing it on a guitar)

Once-ler: Gonna chop one down and make my thneed!

(As we cut back to NC briefly, an image of a tombstone with Dr. Seuss' name on it appears in the corner, accompanied by the sound of ground shaking)

NC: (gesturing toward tombstone with thumb) Oh, there he goes, rolling again!

(More footage of The Grinch follows)

NC (vo): They gave another try with this cinematic circumcision. I'm not sure why people insist on breaking what's not broken...

(Footage of the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas is shown)

NC (vo): the original animated Grinch is still the best representation of the classic story.

NC: I mean, I know why they did it. (To a cash register ding, several dollar bills fall down) But I don't get why they don't...

(More footage of the newest Grinch follows)

NC (vo): ...try to understand what made the original a masterpiece before jumping wallet first into a pool of cliche-stained Who cash. Brought to us by the writers of... Ooh! (Posters of the following are superimposed...) Snow Dogs and Bushwhacked?!

NC: Throw in (Poster for the following appears in the corner...) Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and we'll have the holy trinity!

NC (vo): The film brought in over 500 million worldwide against a 75 million, despite it getting...

(The movie's page on Rotten Tomatoes is superimposed, showing that it got a 59% on the Tomatometer and an audience score of 51%)

NC (vo): ...less-than-stellar reactions from critics and audiences. So I guess the question is, what got better and what got worse...

(Cut briefly to the 2000 version of The Grinch, showing the Grinch wiggling mistletoe over his butt)

NC (vo): ...since the last theatrical outing?

(Cut back to the newest Grinch)

NC (vo): And, is there anything better in it (A clip of the original cartoon appears in the corner) than the origin– That's adorable you think that question is even worth finishing! So let's take a gander at how this animated green shit smells different than the live-action green shit.

NC: This is–

Tamara: (interrupting) Oh, hey!

(He looks up, annoyed, to see Tamara and Malcolm have returned, holding up a huge red bow and a pair of purple boots)

Tamara: We found this red bow we thought you could put in the back to really complete the look!

NC: (softly but dangerously) I hate everything you right now.

Malcolm: It'll be like your present to open up.

NC: There isn't a name yet for the hell I have planned for you, but rest assured, you will be screaming in it.

Tamara: Okay, well, let us know if you need any other accessories.

NC: (yelling) I WON'T!!

Tamara: (as she and Malcolm leave) You look great, sweetie.

(NC sighs and then is about to begin the review when he suddenly looks down at himself)

NC: (calling out) Some leggings would be nice!

NC (vo): The film opens with the narration from... (Image of the following is superimposed...) Pharrell Williams?

Narrator (Williams): ...only it's not a dream or a hoax or a ruse...

NC: (confused) As it just made too much sense...

NC (vo): the film looks pretty enough, I suppose, but sadly, this movie falls into an unfortunate category that a lot of animated movies are falling under.

NC: And that's being like every animated movie that's out.

NC (vo): You notice they're all kind of opening the same...

(A montage of shots from other animated movies appears in the corner during the next part: Wonder Park, Trolls (2016), The Lego Movie, Smallfoot and Zootopia)

NC (vo): ...we see a colorful town; it's always super-busy and usually filmed in long shots; there's some zany slapstick that folks are just used to in this environment; and some outsider, either the hero or villain, is introduced.

NC: Now, here's the thing: it's a good opening.

(All the shots from the montage is shown at once around him, with the addition of The Lorax)

NC: The first kinda bajillion times it's been done, but after that, you gotta add something new.

NC (vo): The idea of these intros is to let you marvel at a world you've never seen, show how it works, and how/why a character doesn't fit into it. But because it's been done so much, the marveling element is less impressive, and a world like this that maybe ten years ago would have been cool is just another kid's movie fantasyland. Unless something really charming or funny is happening, we're just not gonna be sucked in anymore. you think these lines are funny or charming?

(A montage of lines is shown)

Female Who: (sniffing a window at Daisy's Daisies) Smells like Christmas!

Who Wife: (to her husband as he runs out the door toward a passing sled) Have a great day, dear!

Who Husband: (jumping on sled) You, too, hon!

Male Who: (to a giant reindeer) Whoa! Where are you going?

Who Vendor: (giving out a wreath to a kid) Here, kid, have a wreath!

Who Kid: (taking it) Oh, cool!

NC: It's not even jokes or character-building, it's just stuff being said!

NC (vo): It's the equivalent of being like...

NC: (looking toward main door) Wow, what a brown door!

(He sees a second NC standing by the door and gesturing toward it)

Second NC: That is a brown door.

First NC: Has that whimsical music scored anything as charming as that brown door?

Second NC: I think not, brown door.

First NC: Brown door.

Second NC: Brown door.

First NC: Brown door.

Second NC: Brown door.

First NC: That is such a brown door!

Second NC: Here's to no conflict ever entering our lives.

First NC: Brown door.

Second NC: Brown door.

First NC: Brown door.

Second NC: I'm enchanted.

First NC: (looking back towards camera) Brown door.

NC (vo): We're introduced to the Grinch, played by Benedict Cumberbatch...

(To the left, images of Cumberbatch's roles as the title character in Sherlock and Smaug from the Hobbit movies appear)

NC: Cool Sherlock-Smaug British accent or weird (To the right, images of Chris O'Dowd and Hugh Laurie appear) Chris O'Dowd-House American accent?

Grinch (Cumberbatch): (American accent, looking around his kitchen) Where's my personal reserve of moose juice? And goose juice? My emergency stash of Who-Hash?

NC: House, it is.

(The Grinch's alarm on his clock radio goes off, playing "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", as performed by the Jackson Five, to his annoyance. He throws a lamp at the clock radio to silence it, knocking it down in the process)

NC (vo): As he wakes up to Christmas music, which not only has me asking why he'd set it to that in the morning, but what the hell do the Jackson Five (An image of the Jackson Five with Who heads appears in the corner) look like in this world? I mean, (Images of grown-up Michael Jackson and a Who are shown now) we know Michael grows up into a Who, but still...

Tyler the Creator: (rapping) You're a mean one...

(The Grinch grabs a string, tied to one of many bells in the lair, and pulls it, ringing the bell, awakening his dog, Max)

Tyler the Creator: (rapping) You really are a heel...

Grinch: (calling out) MAX!

NC: (shaking head) Did you really think there wouldn't be a Grinch rap in this? (nods head and smiles)

NC (vo): My favorite is, it sounds like the rapper was shoved in at the last minute as a replacement for Snoop Dogg leaving to do (Poster for the 2019 Addams Family movie is superimposed briefly) Addams Family, so it all sounds like a first take.

NC: (looking at a paper in a binder) Okay, I got two minutes. What do you got here? Uh... (Grinch rap is heard as he reads along) "You're a mean one"... "You really are a heel"... Okay, what's next? "You're as cuddly as a cactus, you're as charming as an eel"... (drops binder) Okay, we good?

Tyler the Creator: (rapping) He's this mean fellow with his skin all green and his teeth all yellow...

NC: His teeth are perfect.

(The Grinch opens his mouth, revealing his teeth are perfectly white)

NC (vo): Whitestrips might take him up as a model!

Tyler the Creator: (rapping) You have termites in your smile...

(The aboves words appear in yellow, while showing a shot of the Grinch grinning evilly, but showing no termites anywhere in his teeth)

NC: (stumped) Liars!

NC (vo): I'm disturbed not only to see him in his underwear...

NC: I weirdly don't want to think what his dick looks like!

NC (vo): ...but find he has skin suit pants to wear as well, as if he Buffalo Billed Brobei from Yo Gabba Gabba. (A shot of Brobei is shown off to the side) These are all questions no one should ask!

(The Grinch is having dinner at a fancy table, but he has only a single bean, much to his confusion)

Grinch: (to Max) What is this depressing bean? (Max barks) No, no, no, no, no, no, that's impossible. We can't be out of food.

NC: (sighs) So here's the thing: Benedict Cumberbatch playing (Shot of the original cartoon Grinch appears in the corner) this Grinch would have been fantastic.

(Footage of the original Grinch is shown)

NC (vo): Both him and [Boris] Karloff have these elegant British accents, with soft but cryptic voices. It would have matched perfect.

NC: But, he's not playing that beloved creation. He's playing...

(Footage of the 2018 Grinch is shown)

NC (vo): ...this tool: a super-hyper, super-silly, with a nasally whiny, American accent.

Grinch: (to a Who, speaking in a nasally, shrill American accent) This is one of your "kidding" things. (holds up a flyer reading "Christmas Will Be 3 Times Bigger This Year") Finally, something you said is actually funny! (laughs)

NC (vo): It's not even consistent. One minute, he sounds like Dr. Venture...

Grinch: (wearing an inner tube, to Cindy Lou Who) What is wrong with you? Didn't you see me? I mean, if that was a sled, I'd-I'd... (takes off inner tube) Well, I'd be dead!

(Cut to a clip of an episode of Venture Brothers)

Dr. Venture (James Urbaniak): Come on! Really? I don't know what the hell you're singing about.

(Cut back to The Grinch again)

NC (vo): ...the next, he sounds like Agador Spartacus...

Grinch: (to Bricklebaum, as he walks away from him) Oh, you're a scream. Have a nice life. Goodbye.

(Cut to a clip of The Birdcage)

Agador Spartacus (Hank Azaria): My father was the shaman of his tribe, okay?

(Cut back once again to The Grinch)

NC (vo): ...and sometimes, he even sounds like Jim Carrey's Grinch.

Grinch: (sounding more than a little like Carrey's Grinch) Christmas! ARGH!

(Cut to a clip of the 2000 Grinch movie)

Grinch: Christmas season is STUPID!

(Now cut back once again to the 2018 Grinch)

NC (vo): It's like every day he came in to record, he forgot what voice he did in the previous session.

NC: But don't worry. (holds up index finger) The one consistent thing about this movie is how inconsistent it is.

Narrator: Yes, the Grinch hated Christmas, the whole Christmas season. Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason.

NC (vo): Yeah, these movies always use that line moments before they go into great detail...

(A comparison of the two Grinch movie is shown, depicting in both, that the reason dates back to the Grinch's childhood)

NC (vo): ...the exact reason he hates Christmas!

NC: (stares) ...Liars!

NC (vo): Hmm, this is a 2018 family film. That means the mother is either a strong, working single parent or dead.

(A montage of clips showing Donna Who, Cindy Lou's mother, is shown, starting with her making breakfast for the family while talking on the phone)

Donna (Rashida Jones): No, I can't today. I have a list of errands a mile long. (seeing a suction-cup arrow on the wall) I'll talk to you later. I have to get breakfast on the table.

(She pulls the arrow off the wall. Now cut to her on the bus)

Bus driver: (to Donna, who is sighing with relief) They still got you on the night shift, huh?

Donna: Sure do.

NC: (as Donna, waving) You'll see me in an upcoming Hallmark movie!

Offscreen voice (Rob): Which one?

NC: (as Donna) All of them.

Offscreen voice: Sounds right.

(The Grinch and Max go to Whoville to buy food)

NC (vo): Again, like in the Carrey film, the Grinch goes into town...which I never got. Isn't the idea he wants to stay far away from the Whos? I can see him ordering groceries from the store and leaving no tip for the delivery boy before pulling Nickelodeon pranks like this.

(More footage of the classic Grinch (as in, from the original cartoon) is shown)

NC (vo): The idea was he's a stubborn old recluse. Thus, it's the years of joyful noise in contrast to his personality that pushes him to finally act. And it makes sense. We've all known someone like this, especially around the holidays.

(Cut back to the 2018 Grinch)

NC (vo): This Grinch throws himself into the Whos and attention-grabbing mayhem.

(Another montage is shown, this one of the Grinch engaging in petty acts around Whoville. First, he grabs an old woman's cane out of her hand and looks toward another Who as he uses the cane to pull down on a wire holding up some wire with tinsel and a wreath attached to it)

Who: (reaching out to Grinch, but grabbing cane instead) And a merry Christmas to you–

(The Grinch releases the cane, causing the Who to be launched into the air as the wire snaps back up. Next, the Grinch is seen in a Who grocery store, holding a jar of jelly as a female Who addresses him)

Female Who: Are you getting that?

Grinch: Nnnooo... (puts jar on a high shelf where she can't reach it)

(In another scene, the Grinch is pushing on the carrot nose of a Who kid's snowman, finally causing it to fall over. Cut back to the grocery store, where the Grinch hits the shelf with his fist, causing the jar he had put back to fall to the floor and break. Finally, he throws a snowball at the Who kid, knocking him into the pile of snow that used to make up the snowman. Back in the store once again, the Grinch discreetly steals a jar of pickles from another Who's shopping basket, opens up the lid and eats a pickle, only to suddenly start gagging)

NC (vo): I could see this idiot pulling a YouTube drive-thru prank, filming it on his phone.

(Cut to a sketch, where Tamara plays a fast food clerk. She has on a hat reading "Burger-Burger" and a phone headset which she talks into)

Tamara: Welcome to Burger-Burger. How can I help you?

(A voice is heard on the headset, presumably the Grinch)

Grinch (voiced by Doug): Recording...? Okay. (clears throat) Yes. Uh... heh... Do you have Prince Albert in a can?

Tamara: (playing with her hair) Well, I hope not; we'd have to let him out.

Grinch: Aw, shit! Uh, hold on... Uh... Oh! Is your refrigerator running?

Tamara: Somebody will catch it.

Grinch: God damn it! Um... Do you have Prince Al– Oh, I did that one. Uh, wait, wait, lemme get my guitar. (A car horn is heard honking loudly) ALL RIGHT!! I'll just do a Mondo-Burger.

Tamara: Great, will that be cash, credit or matter with my dick?

Grinch: What's the matter with my dick? (Tamara smiles as he suddenly gets it) Oh, you little bitch! Joke's on you; I'm not posting this on my channel anymore! Oh, who am I kidding? I need the views. Go to youtube/grinchpranks– (Tamara interrupts as she turns off her headset) Please subscribe!

(Cut back to the movie)

NC (vo): Also, I seem to remember the Whos celebrating Christmas on their own, not forcing their religion on others like a PureFlix movie.

(The Whos sing and dance toward the Grinch while snapping their fingers)

Whos: God rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay...

(The Grinch screams and runs off, Max following close behind)

NC: (nervously) Black Christmas (Poster for that movie appears in the corner) is officially the second scariest holiday movie ever made.

NC (vo): Meanwhile, Overworked McPerfect has a daughter named Cindy Lou Who.

Cindy Lou (Cameron Seely): (running out the door and taking an inner tube with her) Roger that, Mom!

NC (vo): They really should have called her "Tomboy Nojoy" as, again, this is their attempt to update what really didn't need to be updated.

(Cut to a clip of Cindy Lou in the original cartoon)

NC (vo): Cindy Lou is supposed to be the child innocence to set off the Grinch's old, corrupt soul.

(Cut to a clip of Cindy Lou in the live-action movie)

NC (vo): Though she's as interesting as tap water in the first film, they did at least get the general idea of what her role was.

(Cut back to Cindy Lou in the newest movie)

NC (vo): But here, she's replaced by...

(Cindy Lou, holding her letter to Santa, slides down a hill on her inner tube while dragging a hockey stick behind her to keep from going too fast)

Cindy Lou: Here goes Cindy Lou Who as she dashes through the snow!

NC: (shaking head in confused) Girl power, I guess?

NC (vo): She's just every generic energized kid who gets in trouble, but means well in her heart. Again, this can be done well, like (shots of the following appear in the corner...) Gosalyn [Mallard], Lilo, and Mabel [Pines], but where they had funny lines and unique interactions, she [Cindy Lou] has...

(Cindy Lou races through a Who family's house as they have breakfast)

Cindy Lou and NC: (in unison) ..."Shortcut!"...

NC (vo): ...and...

(Cindy Lou calls out to the family...)

Cindy Lou and NC: (in unison) ..."Bon appetit!"...

NC (vo): ...and...

(Cindy Lou flies through the air, but loses her grip on her letter)

Cindy Lou and NC: (in unison) ..."Oh, no!" (She starts to fall)

NC (vo): Any lines any kid in any movie would say; instantly forgettable.

(Cut to more footage of Cindy Lou in the original cartoon)

NC (vo): The original didn't need much because it was short and simple. People still remember Cindy Lou from that because of the way she was drawn and how charming she was and...yeah, she said very little, but what she needed to do was effective.

(Cut back to the 2018 movie)

NC (vo): But when you're doing a film that's supposed to have, I guess, complicated characters, you can't make them this Anakin.

Cindy Lou: (flying through the air on her inner tube) Yippee!

NC (vo): (sighs irritably) I haven't been this angry since Dante Basco didn't put me in his autobiography.

(Cut to NC and Dante interacting with each other in a comic book store)

Dante: Oh, you mean the Family Guy thing who wrote the book? Thanks so much!

NC: Yeah, yeah, links down below. (An image of Basco's book "From Rufio to Zuko" appears on the screen)

NC (vo): She wants to deliver a letter to Santa with a Christmas Wish, but she loses it, bumping into the Grinch.

Cindy Lou: This isn't just a letter, this is the letter, and what I'm wishing for is really, really important.

NC: (as Cindy Lou) That's why I did...

NC (vo; as Cindy Lou): ...a bunch of crazy stunts, increasing my chances of losing it.

NC: (exasperated) Just get the basics down!

NC (vo): Look at this, she finds the letter, and she's so bland, that they don't even know what reaction to give her.

(Cindy Lou picks up the letter and gives an emotionless look)

NC: Emotion LEAPING off the screen!

(The scene replays)

NC (vo): That's a deep, complicated face that says (The following words pop up...) "I EXIST...I GUESS".

(We then cut to Bricklebaum as he helps the Grinch to his feet)

NC (vo): Even Kenan Thompson, one of the funniest cast members on SNL right now, literally everything he says can get a laugh...

NC: ...2018 Grinch shit can fix that!

Brickebaum: We all got to keep the gray away. I myself use Chocolate Explosion.

NC (vo; as Bricklebaum): Yeah, that's what my wife calls me. least, it.

NC: I'm just trying to make it a little funny!

Bricklebaum: The mayor wants Christmas to be three times bigger this year!

NC (vo): Again, part of the charm about the Whos...

(Cut to the Whos in the original cartoon)

NC (vo): the original is that they were celebrating for themselves; nothing was forced.

(Cut to the Whos in the live-action movie)

NC (vo): While the live action one was at least making commentary on it, being over-commercialized...

(A collage of merchandise from the live-action Grinch movie is superimposed over this scene)

NC (vo): ...while over-commercializing it....

(Cut back to the 2018 Grinch film)

NC (vo):, they go over the top for no reason, making them pretty annoying to put up with it.

(Bricklebaum's Christmas tree, attached to balloons, flies overhead)

Bricklebaum: (to the Grinch) It's the most beautiful Christmas tree you've ever seen!

NC (vo; as Brickebaum): We had to kill twenty Loraxes for this baby!

NC: (shows an image of a woman wearing an orange fur coat; still as Bricklebaum) Somebody's getting a nice orange fur coat! (nods)

NC (vo): So the Grinch decides he wants to stop the lighting of the tree in Whoville. So he conjures up the clever plan of sneaking into town, attending the ceremony...

(Cut to a clip of Batman Returns, showing the Ice Princess falling off the roof to her death)

NC (vo): ...pushing the Ice Princess off a tall building, landing on a button, igniting an army of bats to an unsuspecting public– (as the Penguin) You lousy minx, ya sent out all the signals!

(Cut back to The Grinch, showing the Grinch standing next to a catapult outside of town poised to launch a snowball at Whoville)

NC (vo): Or he tries throwing a snowball. Less creative, but whatevs.

Grinch: Not on my watch, you don't.

NC (vo): While that's going on, Cindy reveals she wants to see Santa so she can wish for her mom to be given a break.

Cindy: She acts like she's fine, but I know, it's really hard for her.

NC (vo): So yeah, this is kind of story B, which is not a bad idea: showing the strong connection between Cindy and her mother.

NC: (holds up index finger) But you know what might have worked a little better? Showing the strong connection between Cindy and her mother.

NC (vo): Yeah, going through this almost-hour-and-a-half-long film, their time spent together before the ending is just a little over (Text pops up: "4 MINUTES 12 SECONDS") four minutes. All she talks about is how much she wants to help her mom, and yet she's constantly bailing on her, never helping out and causing a ton of trouble.

(A montage of Cindy Lou and her mother is shown to prove his point, starting in Donna's house)

Donna: Come here first.

Cindy Lou: (turning to leave) I gotta go!

(Cut to Cindy Lou and her mother at the tree lighting, as Cindy Lou once again has to leave for whatever reason)

Cindy Lou: See you guys soon! I'm gonna go find Groopert.

(Cut to Cindy Lou on her bike with a sidecar with her friend, presumably Groopert, sitting in there)

Cindy Lou: All right, let's go.

(Cut to Cindy Lou totally bundled up as she is about to leave again, walking awkwardly because she's all bundled up)

Donna: Are you going somewhere?

(Cut to Cindy Lou running out of the house)

Cindy Lou: Thanks! See you guys later!

NC (vo): Maybe if that was the lesson, like she should have been more attentive to her mom's needs at home, but nope, the whole subplot is about her reaching Santa, and nothing ever comes of it.


NC: (as the Grinch) So what kind of meat is this? Reindeer? FRED!!!

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