We see the Nostalgia Critic looking away from the camera. He looks toward the camera and then holds up a cue card NC: Hello I'm the Nostalgia Critic, I remember it so you don't have to He tosses the cue card away and brings up another, it will be like this the rest of the video NC: You might be wondering why I'm not talking in this episode...Well it turns out I threw out my voice from yelling so much at today's movie. It's THAT bad. So I have to do the whole review like this. It blows monkies! I feel like I'm on The Newly Wed Game. In the Ass?he gives a sarcastic soundless laugh So which movie caused me to lose my angelic voice? I'll tell you..THE GOOD SON!!!

Footage of the movie begins to play to evil dramatic music, instead of a voice over we are given subtitles NC: The film that teaches us that kids aren't just born evil they're born REALLY evil. It seems to think that child psychology is more a diversion from the real truth that deep down, all kids just want to be unsuccessful James Bond villains.

NC: But don't take my poorly written cue cards for it, let's take a look!

NC: The film stars Macaulay Culkin... he gives a disgusted look NC(subtitle):as he plays the cousin of another kid played by Elijah Wood,looking strangely older than he does in movies. he cuts to a short clip of Lord of the Rings NC: He's sad because his mother is suffering from the always fatal 'pale complexion disease.'

"Cut to a scene with the Mother in the hospital with Mark Mom: I'll always be with you Mark. Mark: You're not gonna die because I won't let you.

We cut to the funeral scene NC: One death later,Wood finds that he's without a mother. His father tries to be there for him, but finds out that if he goes on a certain business trip, he'll be set for life and thus have more time to spend with his son afterward. Financially stable or Abandoning your son in his time of need psychologically scarring him for life? A Cha-Ching sound is made and we cut to Mark and his Dad driving in the desert NC: So he drops him off at his brother's house, who apparently has kids that are his age. But little Elijah still has his doubts.

The car is parked in the desert and Mark's Dad tries talking to him Dad: Mark I know you're hurting but please don't shut me off like this. Mark: She's coming back, she's gonna come back.

NC: Oh YEAH! He's okay to leave alone!

Mark is shown hopping out of the car and running off into the barren landscape as his Dad mildly tries to call hi back NC: The father of course tends to his heartbroken child BY NOT EVEN GETTING OUT OF THE CAR!!!!

NC: Stop. I love you and stuff.

Next scene where they're driving up to the house. Mark enters and we see the Mom,and the sister NC: They finally reach the abandoning grounds as he;s introduced to his uncle's family. A loud high pitched scream is heard. As Mark looks around we see Culkin's character hanging partially upside down wearing a white plaster mask NC: And of course we meet the little Hellspawn himself, Henry. He just created a mask made out of toasted Rhino splooge and he shares it with his new friend.

Henry: Here I made two of them so we can be brothers. a bizarrely long clip of Henry and Mark staring at each others eyes commences. The Critic looks on at this confused as to why it's so long.

NC: CUT???? Cut to the father leaving the house NC: So Daddy finally takes off as he explains to his son why he's being such a money grubbing jackass.

Dad: Mark you understand don't you? I'm leaving you so I....so I never have to leave you again.

Charge music plays as we see The Critic smiling widely looking excited NC: BECAUSE IT TURNS OUT HE'S NEVER COMING BACK!!

We cut to Mark running down the stairs as the Aunt tells him to slow down as he comes to dinner NC: So we see Wood interact with the family, including his Aunt. Something about her doesn't seem right, she seems too innocent. It's like every second she's posing for a family friendly commercial.

The same scene plays as commercial music plays. The Critic's voice is heard in a voiceover speaking as if he's in a commercial. At the end the Folgers logo appears on screen. NC (voiceover): Good times, Good memories, good gracious what a day. Folgers...taking part in every artificial moment.

We then cut to Mark and Henry running through a graveyard as they come to a well in the middle and stop there. NC: So Wood plays around with Culkin running around and such. When we first get our glimpse of evil from him. Culkin is seen taking a cigarette and lighting it. NC: GASP! HE STARTS SMOKING!!!

Looking frustrated the Critic pulls out a cue card NC: So? Drew Barrymore was on half that stuff at your age!

Henry: Go on. Mark: They give you cancer. Henry: Who cares you're gonna die anyway?

NC: When did this turn into an after school special? It cuts to the clip of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles drug PSA asking what Joey should do in the case of being offered drugs. It cuts to loud shouting as Mark takes the cigarette NC: Then we get our next taste of Culkin's diabolical nature.

Henry: What did your mom look like the last time you saw her? Mark: Kinda pale. Henry: Kinda pale. I took a real good look when my brother Richard drowned in the bathtub. Mark: Your brother drowned? Henry: He was completely blue. You should've looked at her eyes, her lips and touched her skin to see what it felt like.

Giving an evil look to the Camera The Critic holds up the next cue card. He hisses after a few seconds pass NC: Tell me about the lambs Clarice...

Mark and Henry go into a shed to get Henry's deadly bolt shooter to have a go at shooting it NC: Next he takes him to see his 'Deadly Armed Weapon' playset as he builds a miniature gun that shoots screws and nails at people.

Henry: Go ahead lock and load

NC: He's like the MacGyver of possessed grade schoolers. We see Henry aiming at a cat with his nail gun Mark: Don't hit her just...give her a scare. Culkin aims the gun and fires barely missing the cat and hitting a tree Mark: That was a great shot! Henry: Yeah but the sight's not ready yet.

The Critic rolls his eyes and sighs NC: This is one giant wink! Every other second there's another over the top clue to his evilness! Why don't you just add evil laughter after every scene?

Henry: Yeah but the sight's not ready. The Critic is shown laughing over the top maniacally as evil laughter plays Henry: Today was great. Tomorrow will be even more fun. The Critic again laughs over the top to evil laughter Henry: If I let you go do you think you could fly? The Critic laughs to the evil laugh track again Aunt: You know I spoke with Alice Davenport this morning. Uncle: Oh she's a therapist that works at the hospital? The Critic shrugs and resumes with the evil laughter

Mark is seen walking up a hill and then cut to him sitting down to talk with his psychologist NC]: We then see Wood visiting a psychologist, trying to help him cope with his mother's death.

Mark: I guess when you make a promise when something's your fault. Psychologist: What did you do? Mark: I let someone die. Then the scene in Lord of the Rings where Frodo is calling out to Gandalf trying to save him from falling after the bridge was destroyed to stop the Balrog. Frodo: GANDALF NOO!!

NC: Cut to the night where Wood swears he sees his mother walking through the house. But it's just his aunt shooting another commercial. Mom: Mark?

The Critic then goes into commercial mode again NC(voiceover): Can't sleep? Helping your nephew deal with dead mother issues? At least you're wearing a robe from Sears. Making boys think they're mother's come back from the dead everyday.

NC]: But Culkin doesn't like this Hallmark moment as the less than subtle camera angles inform us. A small shoulder devil appears next to Henry Devil: Do not worry Culkin, their love will be their downfall mwahahaha.

Cut to a scene where Mark and Henry are running through a wooded area NC:As they walk through another Thomas Kinkade painting, Culkin tries his nail gun on some live prey.

Mark: Try to hit that sign! Henry: Negative. Targeting. We see Henry aiming at a dog before firing into it. The Critic looks shocked Henry I was only trying to scare him.

NC: looking horrified Dude, imagine if he had that weapon in 'Home Alone'

We are shown the staircase scene where Marv and Harry get hit with paintcans intercut with Henry hiring his gun Harry: Don't worry Harry I'll get him for ya. Marv: HARRY!!! Harry is seen getting shot in the head and falling on Marv

NC: Just as Wood is stating to realize there's something wrong with his new friend Culkin takes him to meet his dummy replica of Wilson from Home Improvement.

Henry: This is Mr.Highway. Mark: Wow!

We see the boys holding Mr.Highway over a bridge N): Mr.Highway? I wonder why he's called Mr.High--Oh. Mr.Highway is dropped onto the Highway causing a massive wreck much to Henry's delight. A clip of Home alone is then shown

Kevin: Keep the change you filthy animal.

NC: So yeah, Culkin's a psycho, and why doesn't Wood tell his parents about this?

Henry: Go ahead tell them, or better yet we'll tell them together. It was Mark, Dad, he talked me into it. DAD, Mark's got something to tell ya! Uncle: What is it? What's wrong with Mark? Henry: I dunno, he's been acting pretty weird. Let me go see if he's okay. Evil laugh gag is shown again

Henry: I told my Dad I'd see if you were okay. Well, are you okay, Mark? NC: Do I have to feed you to my man-eating sharks? Connie: Mom just said he can go skating tomorrow! Henry: Connie what did I tell you about coming into my room? Connie: But you guys aren't working on anything. Henry: You didn't answer my question so I'm going to have to do it for you. He proceeds to pull on her ears which causes her pain Henry: You're not allowed to come into my room ever. Not now not ever!

NC: DON'T MAKE ME HAVE AN EMOTION! Mark: You're wrong about that! Connie: Mom! Mom, they're fighting!! Henry: You like my sister don't you? She's such a sweet little girl. Too bad if something happened to her, if she got hurt. You'd be upset wouldn't you Mark? But hey, accidents happen.

NC: looking irritated What kid talks like this!? It's like if Hannibal Lector and The Hal 9000 had a Devil Spawn. He holds up a sigh with Hannibal Lector + Hal 9000 = Henry

Aunt: Boys boys, Henry what's going on? Henry: I'm sorry mom, we were playing this really dumb game. We weren't fighting we were just playing. Weren't we Mark? Mark: Yeah. Henry is then shown with evil red eyes Aunt: Well just not so rough, ok? You sounded like you were going to kill each other.

NC: And what's up with this idiot mother? Does he need to grow HORNS in order for her to catch on?

NC: Things get worse when then parents leave the kids alone at the house as they go for a nice night out. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!? DON'T THEY GET A SITTER????? Why don't you buy them a pet cobra while you're at it?

Mark runs around the house looking for Connie while the Critic makes faces and holds p a sign with the words (inaudible rage) written on it.

NC: So Mark reads the little sister a bedtime story until she falls asleep. I guess nothing bad can happen here..

Henry: That was a darling story Mark. Mark: What are you doing? Henry: I want to tuck in my kid sister.

NC: Just like Michael Jackson showed me boos are heard as the Critic bows and says thank you

Henry: She's such a sweet little thing. Do you really think I'd hurt her? Mark: Yes. NC(: Okay, this kid IS every cliche in the book! They're just one step away from holding a flashlight under his face. Henry: What do you think this is a game? he says holding a flashlight under his face.

The Critic is seen looking enraged over this NC: Since I can't talk, I'm just gonna play some random sounds of miscellaneous violence. He proceeds to pantomime shouting and screaming to loud random acts of violence being played.

NC: Things don't get much better as the next day Culkin takes his sister to an ice ring. I'm sure nothing bad can happen he-Oh popcorn! Henry is shown to be slinging his sister off into thin ice where she proceeds to fall in and begins to drown NC: She finds out she's literally on thin ice as she falls through nearly drowning to death. Now wait a minute how can a little girl fall through the ice and yet several HEAVIER people walk on it just fine? Why do you even need an ax is it's so thin? I mean COME ON!

NC: It's that dramatically convenient HOLLYWOOD ice I've heard about.

NC: But the sinister Culkin is not pleased. Henry is shown to be like The Terminator having vision with the word Subject Not Terminated in his vision.

NC: After about the FIFTH time he tries to kill someone, Wood finally decides to confess to Culkin's mother.

Mark: I don't think what happened at the pond was an accident. Aunt: What do you mean? Mark: I don;t think she just slipped. You don't know what he is! Henry tried to kill Connie and he'll do it agai- Aunt: smacks him STOP IT! then embraces him stop it that's a lie!

The Critic looks stunned and shocked. He slaps himself and then hugs himself and replays the clip. NC: This is why Culkin is so fucked up!

NC: Convinced no one will believe him, Wood decides to go and tell his psychologist. But guess who happens to be there?

Psychologist: Mark! Henry: Hi Mark. cut to a Jim Carrey movie Jim Carrey: Holy Hell!

NC: After Wood runs away in fear , Culkin begins to tell more lies about Wood's behavior. Henry: He scares me something. Psychologist: What does he do? Henry: Don't ask me that. Psychologist: Why not? Henry: Because Mark's my friend.

NC:I love how a friggen' Child Psychologist can't tell that a kid talking like a damn robot is lying. Psychologist: Please Henry tell me everything. Henry: Everything?

NC: making a car horn noise out of his mouth

NC: Wood finally proclaims to Culkin that it's war and that he's willing do anything to keep his family safe.

Herny: Hey Mark....don't fuck with me.

The Critic looks with his jaw hanging open in amazement NC: The "Home Alone" kid just said "Don't fuck with me." I can actually feel my childhood dying. I can feel is going...going...dead. an animation of a heart with childhood written on it floats up as he waves goodbye to it

NC: But Culkin isn't done yet, as he starts making yet even more threats towards killing his own mother.

Henry: Mark did you cry at you're mother's funeral? Mark: What? Henry: Your mother. Your mom, my mom, what the hell? Mark: I'll kill you first. Henry: Poor Mark, so violent. cut to Emperor Palpatine Palpatine: Use you're aggressive feelings boy, let the hate flow through you.

NC: Convinced he's lost his Hobbit mind, his uncle locks him up in the back room. After doing a thorough check of the room he realizes there is no way out. Meanwhile Culkin's mother stops taking stupid pills and asks Culkin about is brother's death.

Aunt: What happened the night Richard died? Henry: I was downstairs playing. Aunt: Now don't lie to me. Did you kill Richard? Henry: What if I did?

Duh duh DUHHH music plays as the critic makes an oh my face holding up a sign looking like this: :O

NC: Culkin then runs away as it suddenly becomes the opening to The Fugitive Aunt: Henry! Henry! Wait, Henry! Clips of The Fugitive are then spliced into clips of The Good Son. Tommy Lee Jones: Ladies and gentlemen our fugitive has been on the run for 90 minutes. I warrant each and every one of you a hard target search of every gas station and every residence, farmhouse, hen house, and outhouse in that area!

NC: After reaching a cliff Culkin fakes out his mother and pushes her off.

Henry: Guess you don't know me very well Mom.

As Henry raises a rock over his head to kill his mom she begs him to stop Aunt: Henry please no! NC: I'll raise your allowance!

NC: But Wood escapes as he tries to save his aunt from more of Culkin's hammy speeches.

The Critic goes into Commercial mode again NC: Doing some climbing? Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Your own son tried to kill you as he fights your nephew completely turned your perception of the world upside down? Pepperidge Farm because your life's really fucked up.

NC: Eventually the mother is holding onto the two boys ad has to choose which one shell save. The Choice is pretty easy.

For each son he shows a list of movies that they'll star in and their success. Wood: Lord of the Rings, Sin City, Happy Feet. Culkin: Richie Rich, Getting Even with Dad, The Nutcracker and then proceeds to tell her to drop him, which she does and Culkin falls to his death.

NC: So Culkin falls to his death Elijah Wood is saved, and they all live happily ever after..OR DO THEY???

A Terminator Culkin rises making Godzilla roars NC: For it turns out Culkin WAS and evil robot, bent ON RULING THE WORLD!!!! Okay okay that doesn't happen but it might as well. This film is totally removed from reality.

a montage of what happened in the movie is played set to evil villain music NC: This is probably just some writer's way of coping with getting beat up by bullies in high school by explaining that they're just EVIL! Everything is false,completely over done, and hammed up. And of course it caused me talk like Wile E. Coyote. Let's see if I can sum this movie up with one focused vocal chord.

He prepares for it and then gives a rather loud shout before holding up the last cue cards

NC: At least I tried. I'm the Nostalgia Critic, I remember it so you don't have to!

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