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The Gaming Pipeline is a news/discussion show of various topics starring Jew Wario. This can be anything from answering emails, to discussion about game developers, current gaming topics and upcoming titles. The show features an intro with original music by Michael "Skitch" Schiciano.

The show was originally known as Mario's Pipeline as most topics featured a Nintendo related spin, but once Justin decided to extend coverage to all platforms, he changed it to give the title a more general gaming feel.

It also once featured an intro by John "Smarty" Aprigliano that fit with the "Mario's Pipeline" theme.

About The Gaming PipelineEdit

From Justin "Jew Wario" Carmical:

"It was started at the request of for a new show for their new site. They initially wanted a 20 minute weekly series, but we determined that 5 minutes would be best.

It is initially a Nintendo based weekly show but we are branching out to other systems... but it will be mainly Nintendo.

Shows will be hosted by myself and co-hosted with Shuuki (the second of the "Two Poor Sods")."


The original "Mario's Pipeline" intro

Episode GuideEdit

Episode Number Name Description Date Released
1 Viewer Mail #1 Jew Wario answers e-mails from his fans. January 2nd, 2010
2 Nintendo DSi LL Jew Wario discusses the ins and outs of the DSi LL, a new revision of the Nintendo DSi designed for older players. January 9th, 2010
3 Comedian / Gamer Jackie Kashian A celebrity interview from Jew Wario! Justin has a long discussion about games and the stand up lifestyle with Comedian and Gamer Jackie Kashian. January 16th, 2010
4 What is Tatsunoko? Along with Co-Host Shuuki, Jew Wario introduces us to the characters of the lesser known side of the video game, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom. January 21st, 2010
5 Viewer Mail #2 JewWario answers more mail from the fans! February 18th, 2010
6 Games You Don't Mind Watching Others Play What games do you mind not watching others play? March 11th, 2010
7 Linear Games (The Final Fantasy XIII Problem} What's up with Linear games? March 18th, 2010
8 Achievements (or Trophies) Got achievements? March 25th, 2010
9 Games As Art It may be a game or it may be art. April 1st, 2010
10 Games As Art (Part 02) Part 2! April 8th, 2010
11 History of Super Sentai Part 1 While Linkara reviews the History of Power Rangers, JewWario takes a look at Super Sentai with Psychotaku! April 22nd, 2010
12 History of Super Sentai part 2 JewWario vs Psychotaku for Super Sentai street cred. Part 2! May 4th, 2010
13 Interview with Mark "Psychotaku" Fujita JewWario interviews Psychotaku! May 6th, 2010
14 Killer Apps Apps! Apps! June 1st, 2010
15 Going to E3 JewWario and Shukki are goin' to E3! June 15th, 2010
16 Psychotaku Interviews JewWario Psychotaku sits down with JewWario during E3. June 27th, 2010
17 Ni No Kuni JewWario talks about a game that needs to come overseas! November 29th, 2010
18 New Games for Old Consoles JewWario goes over some new games that breathe new life into your old consoles that haven’t had a new game for YEARS! December 21st, 2010
19 'Under The Radar' 2011 Q1 JewWario goes over games that he’s looking forward to in the first quarter of 2011. Games that might get looked over. December 28th, 2010
20 Top 5 Surprises of 2010 JewWario goes over the games of 2010 that he didn’t think he would like but found out that they are really super! January 4th, 2011
21 Top 5 BEST Fighting Games of All Time Best fighting games? Yes, we know this is gonna get a lot of haters, but we do explain our reasonings and back our choices up. January 11th, 2011
22 Making A Japanese PSN Account So you want to get Japanese games on your domestic PS3? Here’s how to start! February 8th, 2011
23 Navigating the Japanese PSN Store JewWario goes into navigating the Japanese PSN Store so you all can buy those Japanese games. February 15th, 2011
24 XStylus Crayon Review JewWario takes a look at a new third-party stylus. Come see what he thinks about this new item for the 3DS. May 3rd, 2011
25 Smart Games JDub and RAZMA bring back the Pipeline for a discussion about 'Smart' Games. What are they talking about? May 8th, 2012
26 YCPT! Pipeline - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure News J-Dub and Rollo T talk about all the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure news that has come out recently! July 24th, 2012
27 Top 100 NES/Famicon Games Brady has been working on a top 100 NES/Famicom games list for 2 years. J-Dub talks with him about that list. August 3rd, 2012

Top 5 in 5 (minutes)Edit

A sub-show of The Gaming Pipeline, this is where Justin lists 5 items relating to his topic in a literal 5 minutes. (Complete with a countdown timer as he lists and speaks about each one. Although the episodes are listed in a separate section on the site, they all bear the Gaming Pipeline/Mario's Pipeline moniker. (With the exception of "VC Gift Ideas", which bears the You Can Play This quickies moniker.)

Episode Number Name Date Released
1 VC Gift Ideas December 10th, 2009
2 NES Wii Virtual Console Games December 19, 2009
3 2010 Games I'm Excited For December 26th, 2009
4 Co-Op games (pre 2007) January 29th, 2010
5 Games You Wish You Finished February 20th, 2010
6 Great Sequels April 29th, 2010
7 DragonQuest IX Event! July 20th, 2010
8 Pre-Order Items December 7th, 2010


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