Jenna S., or better known as The Dramatic Monarch, is a fan and sporadic blogger at That Guy With the Glasses. Though she plans on writing more in the future, she's often caught up between her two creative passions: writing and drawing. She is 20 years old and resides in Canada living "the starving artist lifestyle...with privileges...and extra food."

Discovery of the Site

Having already been a fan of 5 Second Movies and The Nostalgia Critic, she was a frequent visitor of the website. She didn't get fully involved with the community until she had heard about the Search for The Nostalgia Chick contest. While she couldn't complete the final project, it led her to write her first blog entry for the site called "Project Nostalgia Chick: Confessions of an Almost-Ran". This article was also the first to be given Coldguy's "Awesome Blog of the Week" title. Her blogs "Postoween Ponderings", "Top 14 Greatest Anti-Love Songs" (with TGWTG blogger Mr. Vorhias), "Friend Request Accepted" and her T-Shirt contest entry have been featured and mentioned on Transmission Awesome. Her blog "Top 12 Songs You Secretly Love" has also been featured in the "Best of the Blogs".

Video Appearances

She has appeared in the "TGWTG Users in 5 Seconds" video shoving a piece of paper (with her username on it) into her mouth.


Jenna S.'s blogs flit back and forth between everyday pondering and rants to her countdown articles "Top Whatever" (mostly centered around music so far). She has also collaborated with fellow TGWTG blogger Mr. Vorhias for three music-based articles ("10 Annoying Music Industry Trends That Need to Stop", "Top Whatever: Top 14 Love Songs That Won't Make You Barf" and "Top 14 Greatest Anti-Love Songs", the companion piece to the previously mentioned article).

She has also entered contest entries for Transmission Awesome and That Guy With The Glasses' T-Shirt Contest.

Everday Ponderings and Rants

  • "Project Nostalgia Chick: Confessions of an Almost Ran"
  • "The Opposite of a Down-Date"
  • "Postoween Ponderings"
  • "Would You Like a Christmas Comic With That Update?"
  • "Friend Request Accepted"
  • "The Perils (and Updates) of a Hardcore PuNk RaWkEr!!"

Top Whatever

  • "Top Whatever: Top 13 Creepiest Music Videos"
  • "Top Whatever: Top 14 Love Songs That Won't Make You Barf"
  • "Top Whatever: Top 12 Songs You Secretly Love"
  • "Top Whatever: Top 16 Bad Ass Electronica Songs"

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