The Dark Crystal

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August 7, 2016
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(Open on Tamara in her room, drinking coffee from a huge mug reading "Crazy Cat Lady")

Tamara: Hi, guys. Instead of drinking whiskey, I've got coffee, because it's daytime. (low voice) Not that that matters sometimes... (louder again) Today, I'm watching (poster for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull appears in the corner) The Crystal Skull. (poster disappears as she realizes her mistake) No, no, I keep saying that. Definitely not the Shia LaBeouf movie. Today I'm watching The Dark Crystal, and I've lost count at how many episodes this is. I think... (holds up five fingers) five...? I think this is episode five of Tamara's Never Seen, but we're gonna scrap the number system from here on out, because I don't want to get to, like, "This is episode 62 of Tamara's Never Seen," I think? You know what I mean? I think we're just gonna let that whole thing go. Just gonna let go.

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