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Debuting during the beginning of, The Bjork Show is a surreal reality show hosted by Icelandic singer Björk. According to The Other Guy, the show was initially created months during the beginning of Doug's YouTube phase as a sample for producers who wanted to see his work.

The first episode featured Björk in a low-budget setting wearing butterfly wings and generally sprouting random nonsense throughout the show. Her guests were Baloney Sandwich (literally a baloney sandwich) and Edward Norton (played by Doug), who became increasingly irritated by Björk's nonsensical remarks.

Regarding future episodes, The Other Guy says more are in the works. He stated on the forums that "the script for Episode 2 of the Bjork Show is being revised and stuff right now. The same girl will be back to play Björk. The special guest will be Weird Al Yankovic. As a whole, the show will now have a look that's more consistent with the better quality productions we've done lately (Read: We have a green screen, YAY!)."

During the donation drive on February 12th 2009, episode #2 of the Bjork show aired with an improved set design and green screen effects. This time, ThatGuyWithTheGlasses portrayed Weird Al Yankovich, Bhargav was a producer, and The Other Guy was Jambalaya the genie. Bjork was dressed in a combination of her swan dress and a cauliflower hat.

Bjork is played by The Other Guy's friend Victoria aka little nemo on

On August 26th, 2009, The series was revisited to see if people wanted more from this show. Much like when they revisited Lori Prince Live.

Bjork makes a cameo in To Boldly Flee.


The first episode, featuring Edward Norton

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