The Big Box


Created by
Produced by
Brad Jones
Jillian Zurowski
Running Time
10 minutes

The Big Box a.k.a. "The Big Box with Vic Dealio" is an infomercial style review show starring Brad Jones as the voice of Vic and Brad's wife, Jillian Zurawski as "The Big Box Model". In this show, Vic (who is never shown on screen) speaks about old VHS horror movies that were kept in oversized boxes, making quips about the movie, its history, and of course, the box itself. While Vic is speaking, clips of the movie are shown, or the Big Box model displays the box itself (with focus on the box and the model's... "boxes"). Also of note is the fact that the Big Box Model doesn't speak, and only makes facial expressions or gestures in reaction to the movie's scenes, or Vic's quips.

Although first appearing on TGWTG on May 7th, 2010, The Big Box has been a long running show on Brad's website.

Also of note, in the Cinema Snob review of "The Body Shop", Snob orders his copy of the movie after watching Vic and the Big Box Model talk about it on an episode of The Big Box, effectively blending both of Brad's shows.

The opening theme for the show is the one for Automan.


Episode Number Name Date Released
1 Don't Open the Door May 7th, 2010
2 The Body Shop May 15th, 2010
3 Deep Throat July 2nd, 2010
4 The Thirsty Dead December 8th, 2010
5 A Christmas Story December 27th, 2010
6 ChristmasEvil December 14th, 2011


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