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Christine Thompson
Former article writer.
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Nerd To The Third Power


TheCat is a featured writer on

Born in Japan, but not raised there, she has had an interest in the country and Japanese language since an early age. As she puts it, "Yes, this pasty white girl was born in Japan. My parents were in the military - these things happen."

Due to this interest, she became "a huge anime nerd." She spent her time in college studying all things Japanese and spent her senior year living in Osaka. She has a few jobs.

"My non-nerdy day job is doing admin work for a small NPO run out of my aunt's basement. Boring, but it pays. My fun and nerdy (albeit stressful and time-consuming) other jobs are thus: I'm currently the Vice President and Marketing Director of a small anime convention in St. Louis, MO. I also translate Japanese anime scripts for a small start-up anime company that recently licensed it's first show. And of course, writing about anime and Japanese for TGWTG."

TGWTG[edit | edit source]

TheCat ended up on TGWTG thanks to fellow contributor and old pal Dr. Gonzo. Having gone to college together, she had spoken to him often.

"A while back I got a phone call from him during which he raved about what an awesome site TGWTG is. I mean, it wasn't just raving, it was like he was converted to a new religion and he was trying to save my soul from a lifetime of depravity, whether I wanted to or not. I swear I heard an Amen in there somewhere. Partially to get him to stop calling me about it, and partially because I was kind of bored at the time, I began blogging. A few weeks later, I got a call asking me if I'd like to be a featured writer. And while I wanted to say 'Can you call me back? It's the season finale of Heroes,' it came out as 'OHGODYES!' And here I am."

On September 7th, 2009, she, Dr. Gonzo and Travis Excelsior started a podcast called Nerd To The Third Power where they discuss the latest in geek news.

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