Real Name
Tara Deenihan

Hailing from the Northeast United States, Tara is the Ed McMahon to Nash's Johnny Carson in his show WTFIWWY. She met him through a live action role playing site and became fast friends. He asked her to appear on live version of the show as a co-host in early 2010 and has been there ever since.

On the show, she tends to be the voice of reason and often goes onto hilarious tangents involving her personal life and how it relates to the stories in question. That and she is noted for giving snarky replies and has on more than one occasion broke Nash with her witty commentary and her off tangent storytelling.


  • Hippo collecting
  • Kitten corralling
  • Undermining Nash on his own show.
  • Loving all things Chris Evans related.
  • Firestar. Just Firestar.
  • Has her own Hippo Lantern Corps

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