I hate how Doug hates the Sous Chef Accident PSA. Though I find it to be really scary, I found it to be a really effective PSA because the injuries she received are very realistic and the the way she reacts is strongly acted. I think he only likes locally produced PSAs with tame content. Well fuck him because to me, American PSAs are shit when it comes to shock value except for the ones from The Montana Meth Project. Canada along with many other countries such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia have the most graphic PSAs ever. For next year's commercial review, Doug should review some Australian PSAs such as that road safety PSA involving the pram and a PSA similar to the Canadian one involving a young male chef who gets burned for using wet rubber gloves to carry the pot. 

Edunk5 14:39, November 21, 2015 (UTC)

Canadian PSA Edit

I think the reason NC brutally ranted this video is because he thinks Canada is a nice and friendly place (and it IS), but the country keeps creating disturbing and mean-spirited PSAs; like the rape whistle; or "dont'cha put in your mouth"; or this PSA warning you about the dangers of "accidents"!

MrWii000 (talk) 17:22, November 24, 2015 (UTC)

Well fuck stereotyping. He's just condescending it. Canada is more liberal than America as well as the countries mentioned before quite possibly because they're constituitional monarchies and being part of the Commonwealth. Blame the FCC.

Edunk5 7:56 November 25, 2015 (UTC) 

Slim Jim Edit

I felt that the Slim Jim commercials were some of the funniest commercials ever to air. And they were all done by the amazing (and late) Macho man Randy Savage.

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