Tales From The Crypt (June 16th, 2009)

(spoken) Oh, yes. We have many spooky, spooky things for you today. Oh, it’s gonna be so horrifying.

Look at that house. It looks like something out of the Addams Family. Or the Norman Bates house. But no! It’s something even scarier, even creepier.

Oh, I hope you’re afraid of puppets. Puppets with bad puns! ‘Cause we have plenty of those. Won’t you come in and join us?!

(sung) Come on inside and ride the ride where all your senses split.

(spoken) Oh yes! They’re split consecutively.

(sung) Cringe in fear. The time is near for the Tales from the Crypt.

(spoken) Many haunting ghouls and things will attack you! Oh look! We’re gonna go in this room. It looks like there’s nowhere to go! Oh, there’s a secret passage way! Isn’t that terrifying?

(sung) Very scary, very scary, very, very, very scary. The creatures crawl as darkness falls to make your nightmares flip!

(spoken) Yes, oh ho ho yes!

(sung) So prepare for quite a scare! It’s the Tales from the Crypt!

(spoken) What could be behind this door? Something frightening no doubt! Oh look! Oooh. It’s very spoooky isn’t it?

Oh, now here comes a very, very big scare for you. Are you ready? Prepare yourself. It’s going to scare your socks off! Here it comes!

(Crypt Keeper pops up and laughs)

Wasn’t that horrifying?! Well… That’s as… scary as it gets.

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