Channel Awesome
Suicide Squad Trailer


May 9, 2017

(A montage of footage of a convention the NC's crew attended where the NC's next review is previewed is shown)

Doug (vo): Thanks to all the fans who made our first theatrical premiere of one of our reviews a huge hit. We had giveaways, signings, a Q&A, and of course a review on the big screen. We're sure to do more in the future, and until then, here's a sneak peek...

(A trailer of the review in question is shown: Suicide Squad)

Doug (vo): (singing distortedly to "Bohemian Rhapsody") Is this the trailer / For a new film from DC?

Amanda: Who do we call when the next Superman comes to take us out?

Doug (vo): (singing) Seems similar to the one / For Guardians of the Galaxy.

Dexter: (to Amanda) You're going to take down the next Superman... with a boomerang?

(The Channel Awesome logo is shown)

NC: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to.

(The following message comes up: "You Either Love It Or Hate It")

NC (vo): Despite it being a big hit, this movie divided a lot of audiences.

Amanda: Hey, I worked hard to find the worst of the worst.

NC: And you came across...

NC (vo): ...boomerangs, mallets, guns, a petting zoo, and a guy who makes fire who no longer makes fire.

(Another message pops up: "It Even Won An Oscar")

Enchantress: Soon, the whole world will bow to my mercy. What?!

Harley: (trying not to laugh) What are you doing?

Enchantress: What? This is just the way that I move.

(Yet another message pops up: "A FRIGGIN' OSCAR!!")

Chart Guy 1: This is the part where you have to feel defeated and puss out.

Deadshot: The bad guys are supposed to puss out?

Chart Guy 1: Jiggy.

Deadshot: Don't say jiggy! I literally invented jiggy!

Doug (vo): (singing) Jared Leto / He's such a big asshole / AN ASSHOLE!! / Jared Le- / He's such a big asshole / AN ASSHOLE!! (x2) / JARED LETO'S AN ASSHOLE

Joker: I can't wait to show you my toys.

Griggs: We're not gonna see them, are we?

Joker: No, that scene's been cut.

Griggs: Oh.

Joker: As well as this.

Griggs: Of course.

Swedish Chef: Hurner Nene Hurner Nene

Doug (vo): Jared Leto's an asshole / Cesar Romero / Did a better job for me..../For me..../FOR ME!!

Amanda: Are you finished?

NC: Yeah, I'm finished.

Amanda: You feel better?

NC: Yeah, I do.

(The music continues as the scenes of upcoming review are shown)

NC: This whole idea was stupid! Even LEGO Batman said it was stupid, and that's a kid's film!

Chart Guy 1: We fizzled that dizzle.

Chart Guy 2: For shizzle.

(The two of them fistbump)

Chart Guy 1: My bizzle.

Olsen: Are you seriously telling me that supervillains will do less harm than Superman?

Dexter: Did you forget how good Metropolis looked after Superman saved it from Zod-- Okay, yeah, you have a point.

Boomerang: We're bad guys. How many times do we have to say it in this damn movie?

(Final message showing the title: Nostalgia Critic: Suicide Squad is shown while Doug sings softly for the final time in this trailer)

Doug (vo): Just give us a good film...DC....