Storage and Disposal


Real Name
Nick Leedom
Article writer.
See Storage and Disposal's Articles for a list of his work.

Storage and Disposal hails from Iowa and is a former article writer on So far, he's written articles that have covered anything from Batman: The Animated Series to true and untrue Disney urban legends. To see more of his articles, see Storage and Disposal's Articles.

Personal Life

Outside of TGWTG, Storage and Disposal plays in a band called Grand Old Lady. Of the band, he says he thinks "about 5 people actually like the music we play, which makes live shows kind of interesting... or not. I'm not sure which."

Aside from playing music, he also enjoys doing artwork for people when it's requested of him. He says he "went to school for it for a couple of years, then withdrew for personal reasons (people kept threatening to kick me out of the place I was staying for odd reasons, like not cleaning up their dogs' shit or putting dirty dishes in the sink. Heaven forbid!)." Since then, he's been working as a janitor until he decides what to pursue next.

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