(talking) Space. The final marketing ploy. These are the continuing voyages of the Starship Voyager. I'm Captain Janeway, and every other captain got an opening narration except for me and the black guy. Yeah. Is it because we can grow our hair out naturally, you prejudice dickholes? This is my opening now, bitches.

(singing) Star Trek Voyager

Join the adventures

Of Kate Mulgrew

And her freaky crew

Come on you've seen worse

See "Seven of Nine"

Her body's "muy" fine

Her skintight suits

Make ratings boost when they burst

(talking, scoffs) Seriously, I cannot sing that low! Increase the key, Mr. Tuvok!

Tuvok: Aye, Captain.

(singing) We have no idea where we are, we're fucked

Don't trust Starfleet GPS's, they suck

At least we'll last longer than "Enterprise"

That cheap pop song

Didn't last you long, did it guys?

(talking) Seriously? A pop song? That was... That was pretty cheap.

(singing) I'm Mrs. Colombo!

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