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'''Kirk:''' ''(narrating)'' Starship Enterprise departing for Ceti Alpha V to pick up the crew of the ''U.S.S. Reliant''.
'''Kirk:''' ''(narrating)'' Starship Enterprise departing for Ceti Alpha V to pick up the crew of the ''U.S.S. Reliant''.
'''Linkara:''' ''(as Kirk)'' We anticipate wacky, ''Odd Couple''-style antics, as we have to put two different crews together in the same space.
'''Linkara:''' ''(as Kirk)'' We anticipate wacky, ''Odd Couple''-style antics as we have to put two different crews together in the same space.
'''Kirk:''' ''(narrating)'' All is well.
'''Linkara:''' ''(as Kirk)'' Well, except for Captain Tyrell, the tortured and murdered scientists, Scotty's nephew, and all the other people who died as a result of all this, but aside from that, ''(gives a thumbs-up)'' all is well.
'''Kirk:''' ''(narrating)'' And yet I can't help wondering about the friend I leave behind. "There are always possibilities," Spock said.
'''Linkara:''' ''(as Kirk)'' Maybe zombies in Star Trek ''can'' work, but we'll have to get Transformers in on it, too. ''(looking up in thought)'' Maybe a few other series.
'''Kirk:''' ''(narrating)'' And if Genesis is indeed life from death, I must return to this place again.
'''Linkara:''' ''(as Kirk)'' I mean, let's face it, I'm not getting any younger, and neither is the rest of the cast.
'''Linkara (v/o):''' And to close Kirk's character arc from how he felt old and worn out, Carol asks him how he feels, and he responds that he feels young. And we have a final shot of Spock's torpedo on the surface of Genesis, and the Star Trek narration put in its proper place.
'''Linkara:''' Okay, let's take a step back for a second. If we ''don't'' compare it to the movie, and ignore that the movie exists at all, how does it hold up?
'''Linkara (v/o):''' It does suffer the problems of some scenes not really having any point, and the final issue then feeling rushed to conclude everything. The artwork is still painful in a lot of areas, from bad facial expressions to ''the undead coming to consume us all''. However, the story does hit a lot of good notes, even if the pacing is way off with them. I argue, however, that we ''can't'' look at it on its own merits. It's not ''supposed to'' stand on its merits. ''It's an adaptation.'' The original purpose behind adapting movies to comics was that home video was not widely available and was expensive, meaning that if you wanted to rewatch the movie, you'd probably have to get a novelization or a comic book. However, that ''isn't'' a problem here, because the comic came out ''27 years'' after the film, in a time when movies are readily available for anyone to hunt down and enjoy. As such, we need to look at it strictly as an adaptation of a source material, just like how one would judge an adaptation of a literary work to film and TV, and as an adaptation, it fails hard, cutting out important scenes and changing dialogue for no reason at all. If this had been made in 1982, I wouldn't have as much of a problem with this. After all, they may not have seen the movie or been working on a different script than was actually used in the movie. Hell, the entire thing feels like it was an adaptation straight out of 1982. But the thing is, ''this was made in 2009, and they should have known better!''
'''Nimue:''' Engine imbalance corrected. All systems returning to normal.
'''Nimue:''' Engine imbalance corrected. All systems returning to normal.

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