Channel Awesome

Old info

Staff Picks originally was a spotlight on talent who have great shows on Blip. decided on April 15th, 2010 to showcase the best and undiscovered talent on blip as space on the site allows.

Here is the old list.

  • Gold Episode 0: Dark Clouds Gather by GoldTheSeries (4/15/10)
  • Comic Book Orange: Penny Arcade by ACBO (4/15/10)
  • Freezer Burns: Red Baron Supreme Pizza by FreezerBurns (4/22/10)
  • Gold Episode 1: When a Star Falls by GoldTheSeries (4/23/10)
  • GOLD Series: Ep 2 by Gold the Series. (5/8/10)
  • Freezer Burns 312: Steak by FreezerBurns (5/8/10)
  • GOLD The Series Ep 03: Heart of the Enemy by Gold the Series (5/14/10)
  • GOLD The Series Ep 04: Labyrinth of Madness (5/15/10)

New Info

By August of 2010, The Staff Picks department took a different direction as the Channel Awesome team started to focus on the community of bloggers on the site. This new direction is pretty much like the old Best of Blogs. Here are the winners.:


Date Winners
August 16th, 2010
August 24th, 2010