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Laura (aka Spike's Girl) is a member of the ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, but before becoming one, she spent much of her time lurking there. She first learned of the site through the feud between the Nostalgia Critic and The Nerd. She decided to create the ThatGuyWithTheGlasses wiki as a long-awaited tribute and fun little project. She is also Daffy's girlfriend and works on editing his show, "Daffy Reviews."



  • "Daffy Reviews" (vid editor) - All vids can be found here: "Daffy Reviews"

About Me

Aside from frequenting forums, Laura has also contributed transcripts to the Whose Line Is It Anyway? Wiki and a couple to the SNL Transcripts website, and she likes to edit other wiki articles for fun. She enjoys writing, play video games and watching everything from "Buffy" to, of course, "ThatGuy."

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