Spider-Man: Power and Responsibility

Spiderman- Power and Irresponsibility

October 22, 2012
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The beginning of the saga that rocked the Spiderverse, the Clone Saga! And by that I mean it pelted it with rocks. In this episode, Linkara celebrates his fourth anniversary and looks at the first story from the Clone Saga!

(we open with the usual, Linkara sitting on his green futon)

Linkara: Hello, and welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where it's our FOUR-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!

(the Super Smash Brothers Brawl theme song plays set to fireworks, while text appears saying "HAPPY FOURTH ANNIVERSARY" with the Atop the Fourth Wall logo below it.)

Linkara: Ah, it's been four years since I started this happy little show. A show that has brought be nothing but joy.

(unsurprisingly, we get a montage of BAD stuff that has happened to Linkara, such as him trying to cut his wrists with his magic gun during his breakdown at the end of Amazons Attack 5 and 6...)

Linkara: (audio from review) Why doesn't it work?!

(...screaming in frustration just before his breakdown in Maximum Clonage while throwing the comic in the air, the closing bit after his EPIC rant on Lian Harper's death towards the end of Justice League: Cry for Justice 5-7...)

Linkara: (audio from review) THIS... EXPLOITIVE... BADLY WRITTEN TRASH!!!

(...yelling in frustration over the sheer amount of satire in The Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 3...)

Linkara: (audio from review) WHY ARE THEY MAKING ME REVIEW THIS?! (lunges at the camera) WHY?!? SOMEBODY SEND HELP!!!

(...summing up his thoughts of the JLA: Act of God miniseries...)

Linkara: (audio from review) THESE... COMICS... SUCK!!!

(...summing up his thoughts of the Silent Hill: Dead/Alive miniseries and the Silent Hill comics in general...)

Linkara: (audio from review, holds up comic angrily) THIS PIECE OF CRAP SUCKS!!!!

(...finally ending on his thoughts on Spiderman: One More Day.)

Linkara: (audio from review, slams comic on the floor angrily) OF COURSE IT ISN'T! THIS COMIC SUCKS!!!

(cut back to present-day Linkara, grinning and showing his teeth)

Linkara: (frustratedly) Why the hell am i still DOING this?!

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