Spencer D. Bum in his first appearance.

Spencer D. Bum is a clone of The Spoony One made by Linkara. Dr. Insano complains that the character of the bum is copyrighted and shouldn't be used. (He is of course talking about Chester A. Bum.) Insano then suggests that they get rid of the other one... permanently! Spoony and Spencer just ignore him.

Spencer first appeared in Spoony's review of the old NES game Dirty Harry: The War Against Drugs, lampooning the appearance of a homeless man in the game who inexplicably gives the player extra lives if the player eats chili dogs in front of him. He appeared in Spoony's Clones of Bruce Lee review, making comments about the movie along with Spoony and Insano. At the end of the review, he breaks out some board games and says they should play. He says they are "the greatest board games [he's] ever seen in [his] life." Spencer is often criticized by Noah's fans for being annoying and unfunny. Noah made fun of this when Spencer later appeared in the Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's Revenge review and sadly walks off after Noah bashes him.

As Spencer was asking passing bystanders for change one day, Black Lantern Spoony finds him and rips out his heart, killing him.

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