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Space Ninja

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Created by
Alex Mitchell
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On July 17th, 2010, Ed Glaser of Neon Harbor presented a preview of a new animated series for the site. However, unlike Press Start, which is a parody of video games, Space Ninja is something different. The show combines Science fiction elements with traditional samurai style stories. Ed has said the show is everything he wanted to see in a cartoon when he was a kid. The show is written and animated by Alex Mitchell and is based on a comic. Ed wanted to see the work come to life and the two began working on bringing the concept of a ninja in space to life.

The story itself is about a masterless ninja who is very much a ronin character in a futuristic Japanese setting. He's accompanied by several companions including a mysterious little girl. The story's inspired by Japanese film. Specifically those set in the Edo period of Japan's history. That combined with "spaghetti Westerns" gave birth to the idea of Space Ninja.

The music for the series is composed by Chuck Cirino who had done work for movies such as "Return of the Swamp Thing".


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