Sketches, like the Specials have been an integral part of from its early days to now. The Bjork Show, Lori Prince Live and Melvin Brother of the Joker are included in these sketches.

Episode Number Name Description Date Released
1 Cheerios Commercial Contest ThatGuyWithTheGlasses presents a commercial for Cheerios 2. This sketch was originally written when he was in high school. April 7th, 2008
2 Death of a Salesman Doug reenacts "The Death of a Salesman" in a comical way. April 7th, 2008
3 Drug PSA Spoof Doug Spoofs a Drug PSA April 7th, 2008
4 Edward R Spoof Doug Spoofs Edward R April 7th, 2008
5 Heinz Commercial Contest Doug does a parody Heinz commercial April 7th, 2008
6 How I Quit My Job This video showed how Doug quit his job. April 7th, 2008
7 The Most Disturbing Aristocrats Joke Ever! Doug's version of the "Aristocrats Joke". April 20th, 2008
8 The Bjork Show #1 The first episode of the surreal show known as The Bjork Show! April 20th, 2008
9 Nes Quik Commercial Doug does a commercial for Nes Quik. April 20th, 2008
10 Why Jack Nicholson Really Supports Hillary Clinton! Doug gives his best Jack Nicholson impression and tells everyone why they should vote for Hilary Clinton. April 20th, 2008
11 Aristocrats Trailer A trailer warning about the Aristocrats joke. April 22nd, 2008
12 The Best Video Ever! Doug "rickrolls" everyone in this "secret video". He apologizes during it. May 7th, 2008
13 Lori Prince Live Episode 1 The first episode of Lori Prince Live. He interviews The Joker about violence in the media. July 25th, 2008
14 50 Impressions in 50 Seconds Doug does his best impressions in 50 seconds. August 20th, 2008
15 Lori Prince Live Episode 2 Lori talks to Mad Hatter September 3rd, 2008
16 The Joker: Practicing the Scar Story Doug dressed up as The Joker recounts his origin story. December 11th, 2008
17 The Bjork Show Episode 2 Aired as part of the donation drive. This was a more surreal version of the first episode. February 16th, 2009
18 Melvin Brother of The Joker Episode 1: Rayguns This sketch is a VLOG showing the brother of the infamous Joker. April 12th, 2009
19 "Conan the Barbarian O'Brian" trailer A trailer edit of Conan the Barbarian lampooning the NBC and Tonight Show controversy involving Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno. January 17th, 2010


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