Real Name
TGWTG Wiki Staff
Wiki Staff

Known to most by this cryptic name, Sigmanonymous is a raw-recruit into the Wikia Team, hoping to hopefully make a name for himself with among such an amazing group of people.

Finding TGWTG

While loving this site very much, Sigmanonymous was not among the originals to frequent the site. He was one among many who found this site in part of the AVGN feud that was occuring. Once found, though, he had come to prefer the site as a whole over any other site in existence, due in part to its wide variety, influences, and personalities that inhabit it.

First Connections

It was during the first Transmission Awesome LIVE that Sigmanonymous made his first two connections with the website, those being The Dramatic Monarch and Cferra. Months later, he found himself friends among amazing people on the website, among those being WJMill, Michael "Skitch" Schiciano, and Mathew Buck (Film Brain).

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