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Sibling Rivalry is a show hosted by Doug and Rob Walker. The show replaces Doug's serious reviews of movies from Bum Reviews (as long as Rob is available).

Their review of Iron Man 3 created a new video segment for the show called "Spoiler Corner." This video covers all the spoilers of the film, keeping them separate from the main review.


Episode Number Episode Title Description Date Released
1 Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Doug and Rob look over the worst of the worst, but does that mean it's actually worth seeing? November 21st, 2012
2 Skyfall & Wreck-It Ralph The original pilot for Sibling Rivalry. Which format do you like better? The Twilight Episode or these? November 27th, 2012
3 Rise of the Guardians, Overlooked Movies See what the Walker Brothers thought of the animated epic AND also see what films you should be looking at this Christmas. November 29th, 2012
4 The Hobbit Was this the best of the series or the worst? December 19th, 2012
5 Les Miserables Is EVERY shot at an angle? December 29th, 2012
6 Iron Man 3 What do the Walkers think of Marvel's latest hit? May 8th, 2013
7 Star Trek: Into Darkness Goddamn it, movie! May 22nd, 2013
8 Man of Steel Doug and Rob take a look at a super dud. June 19th, 2013
9 Despicable Me 2 Bottom...HAHAHAHA! July 12th, 2013
10 Thor: The Dark World One of us liked it and one of us didn't, but WHICH ONE??????? November 13th, 2013
11 Hunger Games - Catching Fire Better than the first or starving for more? November 29th, 2013
12 Frozen Will Disney's warmth work on the cold-hearted? December 2nd, 2013
13 The Lego Movie IS everything awesome? February 14th, 2014
14 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Does the Capt'n make it happen? April 5th, 2014
15 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Well...what does one say about this movie? May 3rd, 2014
16 Godzilla Can Rob change Doug's mind about this year's giant hit? May 21st, 2014
17 How to Train Your Dragon 2 Or how to make millions at the box office. June 15th, 2014
18 Guardians of the Galaxy I am a Groot joke! August 5th, 2014
19 50 Shades of Grey Could it have been worse? Yes, but that’s the problem! February 20th, 2015
20 Cinderella Doug and Rob review 2015's Cinderella. March 19th, 2015
21 Avengers - Age of Ultron Welcomed improvement or repeat of the first? May 3rd, 2015
22 Mad Max: Fury Road WHAT A LOVELY DAY! May 21st, 2015
23 Jurassic World Which one liked it and which one didn’t? June 13th, 2015
24 Inside Out Oh Pixar, it's so good to have you back! June 21st, 2015
25 Ant-Man Big heroes come in small sizes. July 28th, 2015
26 Hotel Transylvania 2 It's a film so crazy it scared Doug white! October 8th, 2015
27 Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Done as a Disneycember) Changing things up a bit as Doug and Rob look over the newest addition to the Star Wars movies! December 18th, 2015
28 The Good Dinosaur (Done as a Disneycember) Rob and Doug ask if this is the worst Pixar movie ever. December 29th, 2015
29 Kung Fu Panda 3 A series of films that just keeps getting better and better! February 5th, 2016
30 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Is the movie really as bad as the critics say? Yes and no…mostly yes. Sigh, just see what Doug and Rob have to say about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. March 31st, 2016
31 Ghostbusters (2016) Doug and Rob finally talk about the ghostly reboot and the "controversy" around it. July 16th, 2016
32 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story The first Star Wars spin-off movie is here! Does it live up to Force Awakens or is it as bad as the other prequels? Rob & Doug take a look at Rogue One. December 17th, 2016
33 Fifty Shades Darker Doug and Rob try something a little different this time around with Fifty Shades Darker. No, not THAT different, but it does involve a lot of pain. February 14th, 2017
34 Logan Doug and Rob are at it again as Doug tries to convince Rob that Logan is worth seeing. Will he succeed? March 5th, 2017
35 Beauty and the Beast (2017) Oh yeah. Time to tick people off. Let's bring on the hate train! Doug and Rob saw the latest Disney remake and it was not magical. The Walker brothers review 2017's Beauty and the Beast. March 17th, 2017
36 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Does Marvel have the galactic talent to have lightning strike twice? Doug and Rob take a look at Guardians of the Galaxy 2. May 5th, 2017
37 Wonder Woman Is it true? Did DCU actually make a really good movie? Doug and Rob take a look at, Wonder Woman. June 6th, 2017
38 Spider-Man: Homecoming Did Marvel finally get Spider-Man right? Doug and Rob talk about the web slinging hero in his latest reboot, Spider-Man Homecoming. July 11th, 2017
39 Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets This is one of the dumbest action films to come out this year. What? You act like that's a bad thing. Doug & Rob check out Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. July 26th, 2017
40 Dunkirk Doug and Rob take a look at Nolan's war epic, Dunkirk. Is it as impressive as everybody makes it out to be? July 27th, 2017
41 It (2017) It has finally hit the big screen! Is it as good as they say? Well...It's complicated. Doug and Rob review the 2017 version of Stephen King's IT. September 9th, 2017
42 Thor: Ragnarok Is it possible? Did we finally get the Thor movie we deserve? Doug and Rob take a look at third Thor movie. Thor Ragnarok! November 4th, 2017
43 Star Wars: The Last Jedi The epic sequel of the epic saga continues! What did Doug and Rob think of the latest Star Wars outing? Is The Last Jedi any good? Find out now! Spoilers start at 22:44. December 16th, 2017
44 Fifty Shades Freed Rob once again explains to Doug the horrors of 50 Shades. Let's see if they save the craziest and the worst for last with Fifty Shades Freed. February 11th, 2018
45 Black Panther Leaping out of the night and onto the big screen! Do Doug and Rob get sucked into all the hype? Check out their thoughts on Marvel's Black Panther. February 17th, 2018
46 A Wrinkle in Time What the Hell was that?!? Doug and Rob give their thoughts on the strangest adventure from Disney, A Wrinkle in Time. March 10th, 2018
47 Ready Player One A film about pop cultural references? This has to be Doug and Rob's dream! Find out if Spielberg's latest adventure, Ready Player One soars into a new reality. March 31st, 2018
48 Avengers: Infinity War Thanos is finally here, but is he worth all the build up he's gotten over the years? Doug and Rob give their thoughts on Marvel's most anticipated hit, Avengers: Infinity War. April 29th, 2018
49 Deadpool 2 The foul mouthed fourth wall breaking superhero is back! Doug and Rob take a look at all the insanity he's gotten into now. May 19th, 2018
50 Solo: A Star Wars Story Star Wars movies always seem to split audiences, what will Doug and Rob think of their latest outing? Let's take a look at Solo: A Star Wars Story. May 26th, 2018
51 Incredibles 2 The Parrs are back, but after 14 years do they still have the same magic? Doug & Rob give their thoughts on Incredibles 2. June 16th, 2018
52 Ant-Man and the Wasp Marvel's tiny heroes are back, and Doug and Rob are here to see if their charm holds out. Let's take a look at Ant-Man and the Wasp. July 7th, 2018
53 Mission: Impossible - Fallout Doug and Rob take a look at what Tom Cruise is hanging from next. Is Mission: Impossible - Fallout any good? Find out now! July 28th, 2018
54 Disenchantment Doug and Rob look over a show this time. Netflix spin with the creator of the Simpsons. Is it as magical as it sounds? Let's take a look at Disenchantment. September 14th, 2018
55 The Haunting of Hill House One of the best shows ever made, or one of the biggest blunders? Doug and Rob give their take on one of their favorite stories, The Haunting of Hill House. October 26th, 2018
56 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ANOTHER Spiderman movie? How many more of them can there be? Actually, after this one, the real question is, how many more can they give us? Doug & Rob take a look at Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. December 16th, 2018
57 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World The final part of the DreamWorks trilogy is here! Doug and Rob see if How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World goes out on a high note. February 21st, 2019
58 Alita: Battle Angel Audiences and critics seem to be mixed, but Doug and Rob have some big opinions about this big movie, Alita: Battle Angel. February 22nd, 2019
59 Captain Marvel The captain soars into theaters, but can it soar into Rob and Doug's hearts? Let's see what they think of the latest MCU flick Captain Marvel. March 8th, 2019
60 Shazam! With DC's lineup of dark epics, can something a little lighter be a step in the right direction? Doug and Rob give their thoughts on the latest DC hit Shazam! April 5th, 2019
61 Avengers: Endgame One of the most built up Marvel movies ever made, if not THE most built up. Doug and Rob give their thoughts on the record breaking blockbuster Avengers: Endgame. April 26th, 2019
62 Spider-Man: Far From Home One sees it as one of the best Spider-Man movies, the other, not so much. Which one sees it as a great achievement and which one doesn't? Let's take a look at Spider-Man: Far From Home. July 4th, 2019
63 It Chapter 2 The goofiness hits the fan with this weirdest of sequels. Let's see if it tickles the dark funny bones of Doug and Rob. September 6, 2019
64 Frozen 2 It's the sequel to one of Disney's biggest hits of all time. What do Doug and Rob think of Elsa and Anna's latest adventure? Let's take a look at Frozen II. November 22, 2019
65 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Get ready to rage whether we like it or not (because you know, Star Wars), Doug and Rob give their thoughts on the latest Star Wars movie, The Rise of Skywalker. December 20, 2019
66 Sonic the Hedgehog Doug and Rob take a look at the much talked about Sonic movie. Was it a nostalgic thrill or a nostalgic shill? Find out if Sonic the Hedgehog is worth the watch. February 14, 2020
67 Onward Pixar has another heartwarming animated adventure. Let's see if Doug and Rob feel the magic in Onward. March 6, 2020


In February 2020, after giving a negative review to Sonic the Hedgehog, they have received backlash by people who like the movie for not giving it a fair chance.

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