One of the Shades from their debut appearance...and defeat.

The Shades debuted in the Ewoks #9 review after Pollo the Robot managed to locate Linkara and bring him to our universe but had to bring the Shades with him. They then battled Linkara, Iron Liz, Harvey Finevoice and Pollo and were quickly destroyed. Linkara also revealed during the battle that they are robots. A head is seen at the end of the Cable #2 review when Linkara and Pollo are examining it and Linkara asks Pollo to find out everything he can about them. They are possibly inspired by the Putties from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Their clothing consists of a black hood, a black mask, black and/or beige robes and black gloves. At the end of Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #5, Linkara shows Iron Liz that he discovered a Shade dagger in his room after besting the Otherworld.

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