Real Name

Bio Stuff

Name: Scarlett Topia
Birthday: June 1st
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ (grew up in Upstate NY)

Personal Interests

Scarlett started gaming in 1989 on a Nintendo Classic, and a decade later she switched to being a dedicated (hardcore!) PC gamer. Her favorite games are RPGs, with Mass Effect 2, Fallout 3, Oblivion, and Deus Ex being some of her all-time favorites. She also a huge web design geek; She taught herself HTML in 1998 and spent a few years as a freelance web and graphic designer. She currently co-owns a small retail business in Phoenix, AZ. School wise, she attended the University at Albany (SUNY) and studied music and medieval/renaissance history.

Involvement with TSE/TGWTG

Spoony and Scarlett began dating in October 2008, and she became familiar with his videos and website shortly thereafter. That December, as Christmas/birthday gift, she offered to redesign his website and help him set up advertising - thereby becoming the webmistress of She signed on as a forum admin in January 2009, and also became the designer and admin of, TSE's spin-off website which debuted in August 2010. Additionally, she created and maintain the official Facebook fan pages for both TSE and WW. As of September 2010, she has also taken on as-needed duties as a camera operator and makeup artist for future The Spoony Experiment videos.

Outside of TSE, she occasionally smexify ... uh, I mean, APPEAR in JewWario's Ustream chats, and she has recorded a few parody/tribute songs for talent, including "Whatever Spoony Wants" and "Hey AngryJoe". She has recently been invited to collaborate in an upcoming LP Shorty with PushingUpRoses.

Spoony and Scarlett's relationship ended in February 2011. The break-up ended Scarlett's involvement with the Spoony Experiment.

Future Stuff

After being invited to guest on the Made Of Fail podcast in September, she was bitten by the podcasting bug, and is currently working on a podcast to debut in late October or early November 2010. She already tapped Iron Liz, PushingUpRoses and JewWario to guest and hope to invite more TGWTG contributors and fans to join in the future. She also plans on putting more work into her blogs, Scarlettopia and Geek Gems, with most of the focus being on Geek Gems.


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