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Santa's Slay

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December 31, 2009
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Phelous: So I've seen a lot of stupid people in these reviews, like a teleporting zombie fisherman, the remote boys, Harry Potter, troll goblins, the surgeon general, a vegetarian zombie, and a ghost that haunts a website. So my question now is...who's next?

(The scene cuts to footage from WWE featuring Bill Goldberg.)

Goldberg: You wanna know who's next, eh?

Phelous: Yeah, That was the question.

Goldberg: YOU'RE NEXT!!!

Phelous: Whaaa...?

(The DVD cover for the film Santa's Slay comes in from the left and knocks Phelous offscreen. The area around the film cover goes black as a deep voice says the title.)

Deep voice: SANTA'S SLAY!