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Santa's Slay

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December 31, 2009
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Phelous: So I've seen a lot of stupid people in these reviews, like a teleporting zombie fisherman, the remote boys, Harry Potter, troll goblins, the surgeon general, a vegetarian zombie, and a ghost that haunts a website. So my question now is...who's next?

(The scene cuts to footage from WWE featuring Bill Goldberg.)

Goldberg: You wanna know who's next, eh?

Phelous: Yeah, That was the question.

Goldberg: YOU'RE NEXT!!!

Phelous: Whaaa...?

(The DVD cover for the film Santa's Slay comes in from the left and knocks Phelous offscreen. The area around the film cover goes black as a deep voice says the title.)

Deep voice: SANTA'S SLAY!


Kool Aid Guy (audio): Oh yeah!


(Santa then turns the tables on the mugger, grabbing him and twisting his arm around. He takes the candy cane from his mouth and then stabs the mugger in the forehead. He then slams the mugger against the brick wall.)

Phelous: Candy cane to the forehead! Santa's got the battle won! Santa! Santa! Santa! (A wrestling bell sound effect is added as the Mugger is thrown into the dumpster.)