Real Name
Joey Desena

Roo is the tabletop gaming correspondent for Nerd To The Third Power’s 3rd season and a founding member of the Clan of the Gray Wolf, a website that produces videos and written articles on geek media (mostly concerning video games, tabletop gaming, and movies).


Though a video gamer since the NES era, Roo has also had a hand in tabletop games since an early age. Beginning with Monopoly at the age of 5, he’s since grown to become a huge fan of board games. Among his favorites are Settlers of Catan, Battlestar Galactica, and Pandemic. Once he entered high school, however, his taste for other such games grew, and he became an avid collector and player of games such as Magic: The Gathering, and the Star Trek and Star Wars CCGs. Yes, this was a time long ago before even Pokemon had become popular. With Magic as a gateway drug, he later joined in on intermittent 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons games that were held around the lunch table at his high school – when they weren’t prohibited due to their “gambling” nature. (C’mon baby, daddy needs a new Bag of Holding!) Since then, he’s kept up with the new editions of D&D, and even was instrumental in gathering his fellow physics majors for a campaign in grad school. Today, he attends weekly tabletop gaming sessions with Boomer and the Commodore (fellow contributors at CotGW) where D&D is usually the focus of the evening, but other games are known to be played as well. His current D&D character is Aevil Gloomshroud, a pyromaniac war wizard with a bad Schwarzenegger accent clothed all in black who also happens to be Lawful Good and enjoys the company of kittens.

Clan of the Gray Wolf

In June of 2009, Roo gathered a couple of friends to create a website to celebrate geekdom through videos and the written word. Though ostensibly the video game lead on the site, he has been known to create tabletop-related content – including reviews and Let’s Plays of the aforementioned Star Trek and Star Wars CCGs of his childhood.

Nerd to the Third Power

When N^3 called for correspondents for their upcoming 3rd season, Roo decided to submit a sample segment on the recently concluded GenCon 2010. Not long thereafter, he was chosen as the tabletop gaming correspondent along with Tatch (technology) and Skyblaze (conventions). The three have since contributed to each episode with short segments on news related to each one’s chosen area of expertise.

In episode 29 (Meet the New Guys!!), Desena, Tatch, and Skyblaze were invited to participate in the larger conversation for the episode in order to discuss a little more about themselves and shore up their nerd cred.

Blistered Thumbs

On January 13th, 2011, Roo was selected to be a member of the Blistered Thumbs team as his show, 16-Bit Gems premiered!


  • ConBravo 2012 Game Reviewers Panel (August 1st, 2012)


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