Roger is the Nostalgia Critic's guardian angel. He made his first appearance in the Christmas special You're a Rotten Dirty Bastard.

Roger's goal is to show The Critic what his world would be like if he was never born because he believes he made an impact on others. However, it turns out that if Critic never existed, his fellow reviewers would hold very successful careers, as well as Roger. When realizing that he could have been God's "number-one guy", he decides to kill Critic in a fight. He taunts Critic to shoot him, after God told him that angels could not be killed. Unfortunately, he is easily killed by Critic, realizing that God made "a dick move" by lying to Roger.

Roger makes a return in the Scooby-Doo review. After his death, he is in charge of running Purgatory. He tells Critic that this is where angels go when they die, only to tell him that he's the only angel in Purgatory because he didn't know angels could be killed. He summons the Critic to warn him that a great catastrophe is approaching and his only hint of answer lies in the review. When the Critic and his past and future versions of himself finish the review, and destroy the DVD for the sake of mankind, he appears to Critic one last time. Roger lets the Critic know that many new adventures lie ahead of him, and that he'll be watching him; making sure he has something to critique.

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