Robby Silver


Real Name
Robby Silver


Rob aka Robby Silver is a graduate from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Finance. To offset the seriousness of his business degree, Rob also performed as a member of a leading improv comedy group for three years during school. After working at a specialized brokerage firm in Chicago, Rob developed the idea for Maybe Hip with co-founders Patrick Lothian and Lexi Scherr. Besides heading business development for the venture, Rob also appears as a host on multiple shows and assists with production.

Currently, on the side, Rob performs in a Chicago-based sketch comedy group, “World’s Best Dad”, and has been active in a number of other Chicago-based organizations.

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Robby and frequent co-host Lexi Scherr's show, My Indie Life, was brought onto's secondary site, Barfiesta in November 2010. Ten episodes were produced before the site was taken offline at a later date. Since then, many more episodes have been produced and showcased on Maybe Hip's website and their YouTube channel.


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